SPRINT _\|/_ Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon 

is a non-profit artist-led platform devoted to investigate – in a sustainable environment and inclusive gaze – the multiple ways in which contents, supports and languages emerge in publishing. We welcome small projects with attitude and complex productions that approach  experimentation, researching and archives. The three-days festival program includes an Art Book FairTalks, Workshops, Exhibitions, Performances and a Fundraising Party. The fair tables are cost-free for all selected exhibitors as a sign of tangible support to the community.  The first edition took place in Milano in 2013.


Since 2019 we promote the itinerant Warm-Up format to develop projects focused on unique titles and specific publishing adventures
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O’ non-profit association

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Dafne Boggeri

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Piera Cristiani

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Elena Radice

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Susanna Morari

Petra Rocca




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