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SPRINT — a platform on independent and artist publishing  

is a non-profit artist-led project devoted to investigate – in a sustainable environment and inclusive gaze – the multiple ways in which contents, supports and languages emerge in publishing. We welcomes small projects and complex productions that approach experimentation, researching and archives with attitude.
Books as hooks to be hauled down new paths, discover alternative perspectives and approach multiple voices, often stressing forms and formats, in a dance of the perimeter and symphony of the sequence, performing pages.

Every last weekend of November SPRINT—Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon's program includes an Art Book Fair [SMABF], Talks, Workshops, Exhibitions, Performances and a Fundraising Party.

The SMABF tables are cost-Free for all selected exhibitors* as a sign of tangible support to the community, as the access for the public. The first edition took place in Milano in 2013.


Since 2019 we promote the itinerant Warm-Up format to develop projects focused on unique titles and specific publishing adventures.

*For structured realities that want to participate in the Salon - publishing houses of a certain size, magazines with a wide national or international circulation, public or private educational institutions, companies in the paper/print production industry, brands that carry out art projects -

specific 1:1 exchange formulas can be defined, write to us.




via Arquà 14

20131 Milano, Italy,

EU, Solar System

— An Idea by
non-profit association

— In collaboration with GALATTICA 

non-profit association

— Curated & Designed by Dafne Boggeri

— Fundraising
Leonardo Caldana

— Special Project
Ilenia Arosio

— Production 

Clelia Colantonio

— Assistant & Coordinator
Maddalena Manera

– Coordinator Volunteers
Francesca Rossi

– Coordinator Talk
Elena Bertacchini

— Official Type
Apfel by Luigi Gorlero
for Collletttivo

Thanks for submitting!


We use Apfel Grotezk font designed by Luigi Gorlero for Collletttivo, an expanding group of designers working on type-based projects and occasionally releasing Open Source typefaces through the platform.

Apfel is vailable in Regular, Mittel, Brukt and Fett cuts. 

Apfel Brukt is a Collletttivo bespoke project made for SPRINT19, a low-carbon-footprint version of Apfel Regular, which allows to save your printer up to 18% of ink.

Download HERE Apfel Grotezk Up–Grade version, made by Colllettivo in occasione of Milano Re–Mapped Festival episode curated by SPRINT for Pirelli HangarBicocca [11.07.2022]


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