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Out Of The Grid presents a critical selection of 100 Italian zines from 1978 to 2006 that display a broad spectrum of social, political, aesthetic, and technological changes in the use of language and communication strategies across the territory of self publishing. Widely mapping Italian society, particularly youth culture - over an extended period that can be symbolically defined as the post-movement and pre-internet3.0 - this outpouring of creativity give visibility to small, imaginative and technical shifts on paper that made mimeographs, photocopiers and offset machines tremble, and often erupted into the need to communicate through other mediums. The titles selected originated from different scenes - musical, social, artistic, literary... - within which the distances between authors and readers is eliminated. To help navigate this multitude of subcultures, each zine is introduced by a profile that provides further analysis and information and a generous iconographic apparatus. No specific structure has been imposed, leaving room for the specific characteristics of each project to emerge. 100 titles paths.

Project realized thanks to the support of the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture under the Italian Council program [11th edition, 2022]

Paper supplied by Sappi​​

Supported by VANS

– 23,5x33,5 cm
– 400 pages
– English
– Ed. of 1000

– 2023
– 50,00€
– ISBN 978-2-37896-481-8

A project by Dafne Boggeri

for SPRINT, O’ associazione non profit


Curated by Dafne Boggeri with the collaboration of Sara Serighelli

Contribution by Marta Zanoni

Interviews with Dafne Boggeri, Gino Gianuizzi, Stefano Gilardino, Glezös, 

Fabiola Naldi, Lorenza Pignatti, Pietro Rivasi, Giulia Vallicelli [Compulsive Archive]

Photoeditor: Ilenia Arosio 

Fundraiser & Project Coordinator: Leonardo Caldana

Editorial Assistant: Maddalena Manera

Art Direction: Dafne Boggeri

Translations: Marina Calvaresi, Georgeanne Kalweit, Vicky Milleris, Daniela Travaglini

Proofreading: Bradford Bailey

Type: Apfel Grotezk by Luigi Gorlero for Collletttivo


Published by Les Presses du réel

Printed by Ediprima [Piacenza]

Dedicated to – Francesca Alinovi, Marcello Baraghini, Betty S.Q.O.T.T., Chiara Fumai, Matteo Guarnaccia, Giorgio Maffei, Bruna Miorelli, Primo Moroni, Phase 2, RAMMELLZEE, Marika Rock


Thanks to – Eleonora Arosio, Vilma Bruno e Paolo Vitolo, Silvia Carollo, Giuseppe Fabio Berrettini, Srdjan Brankovic, Fabio Carboni, Filippo Cauz, Marco Cendron, Andrea Cernotto, Giulia Kimberly Colombo, Mauro Corbetta, Dan Edman, Fabrizio Floris, Luca Font, Funkly, La Guenda Di Genova, Marco Gulino, Teresa Macrì, Marco Maniglia, Laura Marino, Klaus Miser, Ludovico Pratesi, Iolanda Ratti, Andrea Rebecchi Mari, Cristiano Renzoni, Stefano Ricetti, Oderso Rubini, Giorgio Senesi, Felice Serreli, Olimpia Zagnoli


Special Thanks to – Pierluigi Arosio, Vittore Baroni, Anna Bolena, Leonardo Caldana, Martina Censi, S. Gustav Hägglund, Anna Levati, MP5, Ludovico Pratesi, Giacomo Spazio, Stefano Gilardino, Francesco Shadrack Magnocavallo 


Archives – Brenna Alinovi; Archivio dello Spazio di via Lazzaro Palazzi - Museo del Novecento di Milano; Archivio Primo Moroni c/o c.s.o.a. COX18, Milano; Associazione Culturale RetroEdicola Videoludica, Bergamo; Compulsive Archive, Milano; Dafne Boggeri, Milano; Stefano Gilardino, Milano; MuseoTeo, Milano; Alessandro Pacella, Napoli; Andrea Rebecchi Mari, Milano; Alberto Scabbia ‘Adstar’ Milano; Sara Serighelli, Milano; Felice Serreli, Milano; as well as all the authors of the zines whose names are included in the respective text sheets

Paper : Magno Volume 130 g/m2 [pages]  + Algro Design Advanced 350 g/m2 [cover]  by Sappi

This book is printed on Sappi’s Magno Volume 130 g/m2, a superior high bulk matt paper combining a natural uncoated feel with coated image reproduction. The cover uses Sappi’s Algro Design Advanced 350 g/m2 paperboard which delivers ultimate quality consistency on its full coated top side and new levels of colour brilliance through advanced ink lift on the light coated reverse side. 


Sappi, a leading global provider of sustainable woodfibre products and solutions, delivers the papers, services and expertise that place print at the heart of modern communication. Sappi also integrates sustainability into all operational aspects of their business and maintains a suite of certifications to ensure their actions are independently assessed and validated.

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