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04 MAY 2024   11AM – 9PM

05 MAY 2024  →  10AM – 9PM


OGR Torino

Binario 3

Via Castelfidardo 22

Turin, Italy

Splitting our practice we launch SPRINT Art Book Fair Spin-Off in collaboration with the first edition of EXPOSED Torino Foto Festival.

Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5, more than 40 publishers from 13 countries will meet at the OGR - Binario 3 in an event dedicated to independent and artist publishing presenting books, magazines, zines focused on photography and beyond, rare and hard-to-find editions.

In this occasion it will be presented the project ‘A Guide on Gardening’ by Rubén Juan Montesinos (Handshake, Valencia), winner of the SURPRIZE award - Supporting Publishing Practices - promoted by EXPOSED for the SPRINT Milano Art Book Fair 2023.

Additionally, a limited series of free posters produced in collaboration with Press Press and the photographer Cesare Gualdoni will be distributed, recalling the experience of the newspaper Lotta Continua in Bologna during the 70s and that of the VIDICON occupied experimental art space in Milan in the early 80s.


89books  Palermo

Ahorn Books  Berlin

ALIEN  London/MI

Apartamento  Barcelona

Archive Books  Dakar/Berlin/MI

Archivio Magazine  Turin

Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina  Buenos Aires

Atelier HOKO  Singapore

Axis Axis  Turin

Balam  Buenos Aires

Cataldo Lucchese  Taranto

Cesare Gualdoni/VIDICON 1980/81  Milan

Cesura  Pianello Val Tidone PC


Depart Pour L’Image  Milan

Dito Publishing  Rome

Editorial RM  CDMX/Barcelona

Fuzao Studio  Locarno

Giostre Edizioni  Siena

Girls Like Us  Bruxelles

Handshake  Valencia

Jacopo Benassi Junk  La Spezia

Koen Van Rijn  Rotterdam

Louis De Belle  Milan

PCCC  Modena

Pellicola Magazine  Venice

Press Press  Milan

Rivista Frute  Udine

Roma Publications  Amsterdam

Sasori Books  Paris

Shibboleth  Milan

Skinnerbooks  Jesi

Soccochico  Paris

Spazio Muffa  Turin


SSWE books  Milan

Thanyyy MIilanForlì

The Serving Library  Berlin/NY/Parma

Timeo  Turin

Union Editions  Rome

Veii  Rome

Viaindustriae Publishing  Foligno PG

Void  Athens/Reykjavík

Witty Books  Turin


by Alien
curated by SPRINT

02 MAY  →  PREVIEW 10.30AM    OPENING 7PM-10PM

03 MAY   10.30AM – MIDNIGHT 

04 MAY   11AM – 9PM

05 MAY   10AM – 9PM


OGR Torino

Binario 3

Via Castelfidardo 22

Turin, Italy

The project stems from the desire of Italian photographer Alien to document the new alternative drag and club kids scene in different parts of the world. A vibrant community, constantly evolving and often difficult to grasp, whose traces are collected in a first volume dedicated to the United Kingdom, followed by a second publication on the Americas, from South to North, currently in production.

It's a delicate work of encounter and observation on a niche practice within the queer community, which takes shape in reality as a performative and somewhat ritual moment, a daily expression of the self or shared alter ego only in digital form. Masks, prosthetics, makeup, postures that distort physiognomy, alter the perception of the body to open up the gaze to a fantastic human panorama which carries the visionary force of re-existences often in struggle for their recognition.

As Helen Hester, Professor of Gender, Technology and Cultural Politics at the University of West London and author of the Xenofeminist manifesto, writes in the introduction to the first BODYBUILDERS volume: Each person photographed has to some extent built themselves, channeling not only personal aesthetics, cultural reference points, and intellectual ideas but also unconscious forces—the unknowable within us that necessarily finds expression in all our words, actions, thoughts, and behaviors.

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