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[FIRST NIGHT] 11.07 curated by SPRINT


with Muna Mussie, Virginia Genta, Alessandro Guerriero [Atelier Alchimia] & Marta Zanoni, Collletttivo, YaYa Bones



Throughout the evening a limited edition series of posters 50 x 60 cm, curated by Virginia Genta, YaYa Bones, Atelier Alchimia, Collletttivo and SPRINT, was displayed for the public to take.




Milano Re-Mapped Festival is a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to music, performing arts, video, publishing, graphic design and other media.

For the first edition Pirelli HangarBicocca has selected three curatorial and production projects active in Milan – Archive, SPRINT and Standards – which over the years have distinguished themselves for the array of their research and the capability to blend an international outlook with a special attention to local communities and audiences.

The festival’s program unfolds over two evenings of performances, screenings, concerts, DJ sets, visual and editorial displays, involving teams and artists selected by the three guest organizations.


For this occasion SPRINT creates an environment for accommodating accents, whispers and reverberations in an exploration in which multiple media and languages emerge around print, performance, sound and words. A constellation of indefinable convergences, worlds and ways to discover alternative perspectives and multiple voices.


11.07.22  |  PROGRAM  |  6 PM – 11 PM


Alessandro Guerriero [Atelier Alchimia] in conversation with Marta Zanoni
Video on loop – 30'

– Book As Hooks is a series produced by SPRINT that investigates the editorial dimension through a video format triggered by an off-screen conversation in which various printed media are shown, moved and flicked through, bit by bit, to reveal their story and that of the people who were part of them. A choreography of moving forearms and pages, which in this 3rd episode sees Alessandro Guerriero in dialogue with researcher Marta Zanoni. An opportunity to browse through the legendary issues of OLLO [1988], the catalogue Architetture Sussuranti (1981) and some rare documents that weave together the anecdotes of the group and the many interdisciplinary collisions that took place over the years.

– Alessandro Guerriero [Milano, 1943], 'non-architect' designer and artist, in 1976 founded Alchimia, one of the liveliest groups in the evolution of Italian post-avant-garde design. He has devoted his time to architectural, editorial and educational experimentation. He is the founder of Futurarium in Ravenna, while in Milan he set up the Domus Academy (1987), and he directed NABA [2000] and the free non-school Tam Tam (2012) together with Mendini and Dalisi. His works are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, among others.

Choral study for singular movements

– A performative moment, the outcome of the workshop curated by the artist, around research into collective dance, postures and choral rhythms, developed within the Monte Verità 'summer school' [Ticino, Ascona], founded in 1913 by the choreographer Rudolf von Laban and Mary Wigman, with the participation of, among others, Isadora Duncan, Charlotte Bara, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Suzanne Perrottet, Katja Wulff, Berthe Trümpy. The micro-choreographies will be played out in the public dimension of the festival, in a moment of informal release.

The interdisciplinary work of Muna Mussie [Eritrea, 1978], poised between gesture, vision and word, investigates the languages of the stage, performing arts and visual arts to give shape to the tension that is triggered between different expressive extremes.

– Muna Mussie's work has been presented in different national and international contexts: Xing/Raum and Live Arts Week Bologna, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Turin, Workspace Brussels, Kaaistudio's Brussels, MAMbo Bologna, Santarcangelo Festival, Museion Bolzano, Biennale Atlas of Transitions, Rue d'Alger - Manifesta 13 Marseille, Archive Books, SAVVY Contemporary, Short Theatre Rome. Muna Mussie is an artist supported by apap - Feminist Futures  ⤷  EXTRACT VIDEO PART 01  |  PART 02

Improvisation for Amplified Sopranino Sax
Sound performance and ambient decoration

– With a sopranino sax and two amplifiers, Virginia Genta creates noise and electric vortices, giving rise to surprising and unexpected encounters between sustained feedback and deformed textures, the result of the circular breathing that feeds the instrument. In the hypnotic progression, the tones change and blur, in a movement that seems to translate visually into the artist's drawings which, like sticky silhouettes, punctuate the oxidised metal 'tapestries' of the Pirelli HangarBicocca's gates. Signs as interior landscapes, the lines bounce and manifest as dynamic flickers, surfacing in a dance of the elements, psychedelic and disruptive. The artist will also welcome the participants to the festival with a stamp designed by her, thus creating a first performative action that, the following day, will help to evoke the dimension crossed.

–  Virginia Genta is a visual artist and musician, devoted to experimentation as a means of human and spiritual growth. Her drawing is an inner landscape, based on the infinite potential of line and point, sparse yet profoundly multidimensional. As a musician, she focuses on a dimension of improvised sound, choosing the saxophone as her favourite instrument. In recent years, with the Jooklo Duo project, she has played among others with John Paul Jones, in the show Nearly Ninety of the choreographer Merce Cunningham, at the Barbican Theatre in London and at the Teatro del Canal in Madrid. Together with David Vanzan she curates the marginal research and experimental music label Troglosound  ⤷  EXTRACT VIDEO

dust 2 dust
Musical performance

– Artist YaYa Bones produces an eclectic fusion of electronic music and opera, suspended and whispered rhythms of a pulsating underground environment in a style that Bones themselves call ~ dream ‘n’ bass ~. Music as a ritual of protest dedicated to witches, non-binary love songs and apocalyptic lullabies for a phase of regenerative 'reawakening', inspired by the imperceptible sounds of wild herbs, siren songs and invoked by the ears of the ancestral figures that have gone before us. Their debut EP EARTHEART [2020] was self-produced with support from the Serpentine Galleries' General Ecology program.

– YaYa Bones is the musical alter-ego of Bones Tan Jones [Liverpool, 1993], a London-based artist, musician and performer. Their work is a spiritual practice that explores dystopia in search of sustainable alternatives, traversing the dimensions of sound, ritual, meditation, hand-crafting and the concept of 'other'. Bones weaves a micellar web of multiple narratives that aim to connect audiences in a dimension of eco-conscious exchange. They are co-founder of Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, a self-defense course for women, non-binary people and QTIPoC. They founded Fertile Souls, a pharmacy and survival skills community  ⤷  EXTRACT VIDEO

Apfel Grotezk Up-Date  

Apfel Grotezk is a typeface designed by Luigi Gorlero for the Open-Source Collletttivo platform. Starting with Apfel Regular, for SPRINT 2019, the group has developed the Apfel Brukt version, an eco-friendly design oriented around a low carbon footprint, saving up to 18% ink when printing. For MRM Festival, SPRINT is inviting Collletttivo to extend Apfel Grotezk by equipping it with a series of neutral glyphs, to make the typeface an even more porous communication tool for today's needs. The complete font is downloadable from 11 July 2022 at this link to be used freely, both for personal and commercial projects, always indicating the credit of the author Luigi Gorlero and of Collletttivo.

– Collletttivo is a digital platform dedicated to the spread of original typefaces through an Open-Source philosophy. The project is dedicated to an expanding community of typography enthusiasts who can learn and improve through practice and interaction. Founded in 2017 in Milan, Italy, the group has consolidated around a small core of people in continuous contact with designers, both Italian and international, who collaborate by releasing typefaces available for free download at the url 



Dafne Boggeri, Ilenia Arosio, Sara Serighelli/O',  Giorgia Donnan,

Francesca Rossi, Claudia Augusto

11 JULY  |  6 – 10 PM



Performance, Screening, Installation, Free posters & type download, Publishing curated by SPRINT

with Muna Mussie, Virginia Genta, YaYa Bones, Atelier Alchimia, Collletttivo

Pirelli HangarBicocca

via Chiese 2, MI

Supported by Pirelli HangarBicocca

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