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09.07–31.08  |  SPRINT presents

È amore. o è follia? Cocoricò 1991–1992.

Book Launch, Exhibition & Talk by Amphibia

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È amore. o è follia? Cocoricò 1991–1992

book curated by Jacopo Lega [Amphibia] with extract from Ferruccio Belmonte's personal archive


The edition is accompanied by a Roberto Spallacci’s text on the Nomadism


Size A4, 112 pages for 300 numbered copies, printed and bound by hand at
Tipografia Ideal [Turin], 2020

Fontype by Collletttivo ⤿ [download]

– Porpora | Coconat | Apfel Grotesk

Mock-up presented during the 7th edition of SPRINT—Independent Publishers and Artists' Books Salon 2019, hosted at Spazio Maiocchi

Amphibia, SPRINT and Marsèll Paradise invite you to the presentation of the volume È amore. o è follia? Cocoricò 1991–1992 edited by Jacopo Lega Amphibia with a selection of material from Ferruccio Belmonte's personal archive. The publication aims to pay homage to an instant lasting more than two years, captured through the lights and memories of the same protagonists who contributed to make Cocoricò a free territory for different forms of entertainment explorations and the most hidden manifestations of being.



An opportunity to see new Amphibia immersive productions, original ephemera from Ferruccio Belmonte's archive and Roberto Spallacci's House Train screening, a rare VHS video documenting the train-disco that in 1991 connected Turin to Riccione twice. It will be possible to purchase È amore. o è follia? Cocoricò 1991–1992 latest copies, printed and hand bound in Turin. Size A4, 112 pages for 300 numbered copies, the edition is accompanied by a Roberto Spallacci’s text on nomadism. A limited edition t-shirt, screen printed by Legno, will be produced to celebrate È amore. o è follia? Book launch Tour 2019–20 and to support all the places and accomplices of these dates.

9 JULY  |  7 – 8 PM  |  TALK  |  Ground Floor


Talk with Ferruccio Belmonte, Jacopo Lega and Yorgos Angeletopoulos Amphibia.



16 JULY  |  5 – 6 PM

Amphibia path with Jacopo and Yorgos trace their past, present and future projects, in a new performative video format ‘Books as Hooks’ curated by SPRINT.

23 JULY  |  5 – 6 PM

𝓔𝓬𝓵𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓸 𝓕𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓸 Dj set by Ferruccio Belmonte Cocoricò’s AD 1990–1993, in an immersive visit of the exhibition in a semi-sequence shot between textures of laser lights, extracts from the House Train [1991] screening by Roberto Spallacci, strobes that dance with silk printing frames and much more hidden details...




... Di notte la musica e le stelle sono l'energia vitale ◇ ⟣


∿ ⋰⋱ ⨳ ⨻ ⩤⩥ ⩓ di una civiltà che venera un prezioso diamante,

⚭ ⚮ ⚯ ☊ ☋ ☌ ☍ di una città costruita sotto una piramide di cristallo,


luogo di meraviglia e di paradisiache sensazioni. ⅋⊗⋞⋟⩫⩤ ⟢

Fuori dal tempo come in un sogno...'



- Amphibia is an artistic platform that moves between night entertainment and visual research intersections. In addition to hosting local and international artists, it focuses on printed matter and solid aesthetics, in an attempt to understand and expand the charm of the cultural experience today.


Ferruccio Belmonte is one of the most emblematic characters of Riviera and Northern Italy entertainment culture. Insatiable researcher of experiences, he began his career as the artistic director of Cocoricò from 1990 to 1993 and then continued to the Tenax in Florence, the Love Planet in Rimini and the Echoes of Misano Adriatico.


Roberto Spallacci has been operating in the world of music and entertainment since 1980, with various roles and experiences. Among others, he founded the Latin Superb Posse with Lorenzo Betetto and Joe Costa in 1986 in Turin, and he is the co-founder, with Sergio Ricciardone and Giorgio Valletta, of Associazione Situazione Xplosiva and C2C Festival.


Marsèll Paradise is a space where Marsèll's identity and communication codes meet. Conceived on two levels as a fluid space that hosts an extract from Marsèll collection and cultivates different projects. An independent place based on knowledge and free sharing of the contemporary. Generators of endless dialogue between disciplines and expressive forms such as art, photography, music and publishing. 

Thanks to giwrgostade, illostylo, welcome.user, steburtmana, santa.clauuu,  cadmioboro, errandparalysis.

OPENING 09 JULY  |  12 PM –12 AM


ON VIEW 10 JULY – 31 AUGUST 2020

10 AM – 1 PM  +  3 – 7 PM Mon/Fri

16 & 23 JULY  |  5 – 6 PM  Twitch Broadcast Program

Marsèll Paradise

Via Privata Rezia, 2 MI

Produced by Marsèll

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