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23.05–15.06  |  SPRINT  presents


OSSERVATORIO – Publishing & Risograph Printing Lab. as a Performance

11.06  |  10 AM – 10 PM


CIRCLE – Dancing in Transit

Public Program & Performances

curated by Slam Jam & 2050+

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desideri e idiosincrasie di un territorio, Milano.

Zine with contributions by:
Nathalie Du Pasquier; Rahel Sereke & Dafne Boggeri; Sonia Garcia & Marvin Gabriele Nwachukwu  ; Lucia Tozzi  & Nina Bassoli; Giancarlo Ascari & Matteo Guarnaccia ; #CambieRai & Ale Cane.

24 pp, Risograph 3 colors, A5, ITA
Printed by The Riso Club, 2022

Open-Source Type Apfel Grotezk by @2xlgorle for @collletttivo

25.05.2022  |  3–7 PM

Via dei Biancospini 1




On May 25, SPRINT was the guest of Milano Mediterranea ميلانو المتوسّطيةّ in the context of the residency of visual artist Marvin Gabriele Nwachukwu, who explore the concept of "archive" through a series of participatory meetings with the residents of the Giambellino-Lorenteggio neighborhood and the opening of a copyshop – active throughout the month of May – to become a space for collective graphic relationships and experimentation

From 23 May to 15 June,  SPRINT transforms the octagonal structure at the center of Lancetti Railway Station [passante], into a research pavilion, a meeting place and a printing laboratory to investigate the city of Milan through the voice of local visionary realities.


Immersed in an astonishing post-modern limbo, designed in 1997 by architect Laura Lazzari, the kiosk made of metal and glass was born as a newsstand that never took off and now an exhibition venue of the non-profit association spazioSERRA.


Using the eco-friendly Japanese Risograph technique, which combines the speed of photocopying with the result of screen printing, with the unique soy-based inks and banana plant-derived matrices, a small publication will be designed and printed in real time on Gmund Hanf paper, produced with advanced techniques from european hemp.


An underground OSSERVATORIO - observed from outside by the large windows - to bring to the surface desires and idiosyncrasies of a territory, through a zine that will collect conversations, anecdotes, a visual biography, insights and a constellation of graphic elements sifted from various areas of the city.


With contributions by: Nathalie Du Pasquier; Rahel Sereke & Dafne Boggeri; Sonia Garcia & Marvin Gabriele Nwachukwu; Lucia Tozzi & Nina Bassoli; Giancarlo Ascari & Matteo Guarnaccia; CambieRai & Ale Cane.

Behind the pavilion, a 3 x 6 m billboard by Erratic will dive us on wider geographical coordinates, in support of the network Mediterranea – Saving Humans.




10 AM – 10 PM


zine launch

7 PM – 8.30 PM


public program & performances curated by Slam Jam &  2050+, featuring three communities of Milan street dancers – Mood-Ha, NTENSE Crew, Caporales San Simon – involved in relation to an audio/video device that will be activated from 11 AM.

— SPRINT, is a non-profit artist-led platform started in 2013, devoted to research and experimentation on Publishing. Since 2019 we promote the itinerant Warm-Up format to develop projects on unique titles and specific subjects. The annual SPRINT Art Book Fair takes place in late November.

– Slam Jam, over the last almost 30 years has become a globally recognized cultural institution and seal of approval applied to clothing and goods that represent urban subcultures, connecting tribes of like-minded people across the world.

— CIRCLE is an open think-tank, with digital and physical manifestations, which takes Milan as a blueprint to investigate the relationship between bodies, movements and cities. A project by 2050+ and Slam Jam.

 2050+ is an interdisciplinary agency working across design, technology, the environment and politics.

— Erratic, over three years of visual research led along with photojournalist Loris Savino, around the peripheries of the Mediterranean, have culminated in a multifaceted output. The project, curated by Slam Jam, has been developed while building a dialogue with long-standing friend entity Mediterranea – Saving Humans.

— spazioSERRA is a non-profit association and exhibition place located inside the MIlan Railway Station of Lancetti. Its particular octagonal plan and glass walls allow the audience to see inside the space at any time, during the opening hours of the station.

⤷  23 MAY – 15 JUNE 2022


24 H

SPRINT–OSSERVATORIO Publishing & Risograph Printing Lab. as a Performance


⤷  11 JUNE 2022

10 AM – 10 PM​


Zine Launch​

7 PM – 8.30 PM​


Public Program & Performances

curated by Slam Jam & 2050

Hosted by spazioSERRA

c/o Passante Ferroviario Lancetti

via Maloia 1, Milano​

Supported by Slam Jam

Technical Partner​

GMUND Paper  |  exclusive supplier for

SPRINT–OSSERVATORIO Publishing & Risograph Printing Lab.


Graphidea  |  print service​

Thanks to studio ATTO, Michele Lombardelli, Silvia Carollo, Clelia Colantonio,

Marta Zanoni, Andrea Sabetta, Brodino, Michele, Claudia Agusto




a special artist that always breathed the city from its depths



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