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28—29—30 November

SPRINT—Independent Publishers and Artists' Books Salon  |  Milano



0-100  Milano

AALPHABET.  Casale Monferrato/Monza



AI (Atelier Impopulaire)  Milano


ATTO  Milano

AURORA  Milano





BRUNO  Venice






GIRLS LIKE US  Amsterdam



Les Editions du far°  Nyon


M35  Luzern

MICAMERA  with  Lorenzo Tricoli  Milano


MOUSSE  Milano

NERO  Milano

NSEW  Oslo








SAN ROCCO  Venice/Milano

SEVERAL FLAMES  Milano in collaboration with  ANTENNE BOOKS  London








29/30.11.14  1pm—8pm ↝ O'


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O' non profit association

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by artist Dafne Boggeri

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Marta Saccavino


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Marta Saccavino


Arianna Bertolotti, Adele Pappalardo, Clementina 

Bastianutti, Valeria Baudo, 

Valeria Biondo, Riccardo Crippa, Chiara  Guzzoni, Agnese Martinuzzi, Giorgia Megliola, Chiara, Piva, Martina Ramponi, Enrico Torri, Giovanni Riggio, Marta Zitrone


Elisa Bozzarelli, Albi Brancato, Daniela Buffagni, Wendy Carlos, Carmelita Chiarenza, Anna Chisari, 

Alice Daneluzzo, Angela Davis, Ilmarco, Margarida Mendes, Sun Ra in spirit, Elena Radice, Rammellzee in spirit, Valentina Sansone,

Daniela Sanziani, Dario Sbrana, Kiki Sideris, Daniela Travaglini

DISPLAY  |  ᵞS╚◭ℵ⊅∿ by Derek Di Fabio

— Intertwining his ongoing research around islands and the possibilities and limitations of being ‘in residence’, Derek worked with the local community through a series of participative events, workshops, performances and screenings. Yslands explores the sensitive and emotional connection between a community and the surrounding space. It investigates how identities are moulded by the relation with the Other. Almanac Projects — A project by Derek Di Fabio; launched on 28.09.2014 for Almanac INN Via Artisti 10, Turin; with texts by Lia Cecchin, Davide La Montagna, Matteo Mottin, Isamit Morales, Giacinta Gandolfo, Martina Allegra De Rosa, Valentina Roselli, Matteo Visentin, Vecchiomerda DanzBand, Sandrine Nicoletta: drifters.land; interpreted by Jessica Gaudino, Giovanni Copelli, Alexander Collins, Francesca Mussi, Ting Cheng, Sophie Vitelli; music by Enrico Bozzato Ekar Records, Circular, Iside Elena, Isa Griese: DW2♡♡8, Luca Garino, Hyena, Timo Koch, New Noveta, Vecchiomerda DanzBand— Download the YSLANDS audioguide  |  28.11.14 - 19.00—22.00 | Zona K | 29.11 - 10.00—12.00 ↝ Teatro Verdi



DISPLAY  |  BLADE BANNER in collaboration with PREMIO FURLA 2015,

works by Luigi Coppola, Maria Adele Del Vecchio, Francesco Fonassi, Maria Iorio and Raphael Cuomo, Gian Maria Tosatti — Through B—B artists are invited to produce an image all-over printed in a 1x1m silk fabric, as a symbolic 'pixel' cut from their world. This series of modules is a collection produced by _\|/_ and showed during the salon, fed every year by new collaborations, with the idea of building the content for a future itinerant exhibition that can present a view of the most vibrant italian art scene. The authors of this B—B edition are the finalists of the Premio Furla 2015. The banners exist in two copies, one given to the author while the other is kept in the collection  — fondazionefurla.org  |  28.11.14 - 7pm—9pm  |  29/30.11.14  1pm—8pm ↝ Autofficina



DISPLAY  |  BREAK MY HEART I BREAK YOUR NECK by GERMES GANG — The Portuguese duo GERMES GANG will premiere its work in Italy with a selection of drawings and prints that explores the peculiar relationship between sign and urban imaginary. The exhibition will be presented in a context enhancing the contrast with the images, the strength of the representation yet the fragility of the stroke — germesgang.tumblr.com   |  28.11.14 

7pm—10pm ↝ Tavola Calda Vivà by Cheos



DISPLAY/TALK  |  FOLDING by Giorgio Maffei collection — From Giorgio Maffei collection, the selected editions represent a physical development of the concept of 'folding', fold, bend, turn. Sheets of different dimensions, folded to make them smaller in size, become conceptual spaces, ‘volumes’ of paper. From paper sheet to a book. From an idea to a precise shape. Folding as the action of turning the page, determining and discovering a different and consecutive configuration, through a selection of artist's editions that cover a broad overview of styles and stories — giorgiomaffei.it  |  28.11.14  7pm—10pm | 29/30.11.14  3pm—6pm | Talk 30.11.14  4pm—5pm ↝ Agalma



DISPLAY  |  MUNINN & HUGINN by Mariagloria Posani — Muninn & Huginn is an interactive installation that allows to print words, names and phrases in the Vegvisir alphabet, inspired by the Icelandic magical symbol once worn by warriors and explorers to come home safe. The alphabet was initiated in Milano Politecnico thanks to a graduation project in collaboration with Giulia Ponzetta and Emanuele Sciolto, with the mentoring of Professor Francesco Ermanno. M&H was brought to life as a thesis project by Mariagloria Posani, committed to investigate the role of the designer towards new technologies and makers’ culture. Muninn - from Old Norse, 'memory' - is a thermal printer with an Arduino brain. Moreover, it’s a modern typewriter that transforms real-time keyboard typed letters in the magical language. Huginn - 'thought' - is the companion software generated by Processing, which creates digital artifacts enabling to print the physical ones. Together, they explore the boundary between digital and physical, transforming open source technologies into tangible messages. In the room reserved for the project, people can experience themselves this physical-digital experience, printing their personal word to be kept or shared assistant Giulia Ponzetta and Alice Zani — mgposani.it  |  29/30.11.14  3pm—6pm ↝ Studio Matias Guerra



TALK   A DROP IN THE OCEAN by Sergio Romagnoli — The photographs gathered in A Drop In the Ocean, Editions du Lic, Norway - dated from the '70s and '80s -  are the result of many years work and represent only a few of the many thousands taken by the Italian Naturalist Sergio Romagnoli during his all too brief lifetime. The primary interest for Alessandro Calabrese and Milo Montelli, besides their natural human fascination for an incredible story, lies in the opportunity to interact with a rough body of images free of any artistic claim. Photographs that could easily be defined as amateur blend with others of a more technical and scientific nature, all driven by an almost obsessive need to catalogue life. In presenting the relationship between such different approaches, the aim of the two curators is to give voice to the unconscious authorial potential lying within the photographer's body of work. More than a mere collection of dusty archive photographs, ADITO is conceived, with honour and gratitude, as a creative homage to Sergio Romagnoli's life and work. Thanks to Nicholas McLean ⟨Editions du Lic⟩ and Doriana Romagnoli ⟨Sergio’s sister⟩   |  30.11.14  2pm—3pm  Spazio Ostrakon



TALK  |  AI SPLIT by AI (Atelier Impopulaire) — Presentation of the publishing project SPLIT, created by Atelier Impopulaire. Conceived as a collaborative project, it takes the shape of a dialogue between visual artists, filmmakers, curators and theorists of the moving image, developed into a tête-bêche book. On each issue, two fellow artists are invited to produce original texts, or to re-elaborate essays on specific topic revealed through the aesthetic experience of AI practice. The printed version of this process follows the idea of split: a booklet in which two texts meet and multiply their visions and uniqueness, in a mirroring configuration, with an iconographic insert in the center — atelierimpopulaire.tumblr.com  |  28.11.14  6pm—7pm ↝ Spazio Ostrakon



TALK  |  ECOLOGY by San Rocco — The editors of San Rocco will discuss with Maria Chiara Pastore, Francesca Benedetto, and Davide Rapp, the new ECOLOGY issue — sanrocco.info  |  29.11.14  5pm—6pm Agalma



TALK  |  OFICINA ARARA ⟨Porto⟩ — Founded in 2010 by a group of artists, designers and a mechanical engineers, Oficina Arara is a graphic/art laboratory equipped to work with silkscreen, along with other printing and editing techniques. Based in an old hangar at a dead-end alley in Porto ⟨Portugal⟩, it works as an arena for experimental artistic mixed-media fusion, rescuing the organic plasticity and vibration of the matter through hand-printed posters, books, record covers, etc. Starting from some of the posters produced by Oficina Arara, they will introduce anecdotes and reflections on the path of the collective — oficina-arara.org  |  29.11.14  6pm—7pm ↝  Spazio Ostrakon



TALK  |  PIZZA BOX by Droste Effect  Pizza Box is a special project held by Droste Effect Magazine. The project aims to reflect on the nature and format of magazines’ printed editions, and on the way in which images tell us different stories. Each Pizza Box is unique, and is curated by an artist, a theorist, a critic, or a curator. Pizza Boxes may present themselves in variable sizes and shapes. The Pizza Box is at the same time a tribute to Andy Warhol’s time capsule, and a container presenting a timeless dimension. The Pizza Box neither preserves objects of the past, nor reflects on the passage of time. Pizza Boxes are just containers for rough images – the same images we can’t live without  |  30.11.14  5pm—6pm ↝ Spazio Ostrakon



TALK  |  SALIVA by Marina Calvaresi and Serena E. Kippenbergen — SALIVA is an editorial project that came to life in Spring 2014 after a long process, and will start publishing during the upcoming winter. Wandering the underground alleys where visuals, literature, music and subculture merge, SALIVA won’t ask musicians for tracks nor authors for written pages. Instead, the artists SALIVA believes in the most will be cornered, their most private and shadowy production being explored. Visual anthologies, original writings, and music releases will shape the catalogue, in the name of hybridism, cultural studies and a little bit of recklessness. SALIVA is the youngest of two sisters – the elder one is a seasoned DJ, and calls herself Uupzijdwnya. Behind both of them there are Marina Calvaresi and Serena E. Kippenbergen  |  29.11.14  2pm—3pm ↝ Spazio Ostrakon



PERFORMANCE  |  FABRIC FORM by Xin Cheng invited by Caterina Riva — Xin Cheng born 1983, Kunming, China, lives in Auckland, New Zealand enjoys tramping NZ way of saying hiking, always has fruits and nuts in her rucksack and would like to be a nomad. Her artistic practice draws inspiration from the natural and manmade environment and is on the constant lookout for makeshift living and material solutions. She has recently travelled around South-East Asia, started the platform 'making-do' with Chris Berthelsen in Auckland and is doing a residency at Utopiana Geneva Switzerland supported by Creative New Zealand. Xin and I went to a museum when I visited her in Geneva and we spent quite some time admiring a room devoted to the works of Franz Erhard Walther. Her proposal for _\|/_ departs from the desire to make forms from reused fabric and have collaborators try them as a way of short-circuiting the festival. The idea builds on the artist’s experiments in temporary furniture, contact improvisation and fabric architecture and will engage with the in between spaces of O’. CR — xin-cheng.info  |  29/30.11.14  2pm—3pm ↝  O'



FOCUS  |  PORTFOLIO READING by YET Magazine — YET, online/paper triannual photography publication which showcases editorials and photography series by worldwide artists, will offer to 4 authors only, selected by Micamera_Photography and lens based Arts and _\|/_, a Portfolio reading. Photography is the main subject of YET, and its aim is to feature several different styles of photography, without any restriction in genre, medium or theme    |  29.11.14 - 4pm—5pm ↝ Micamera



SCREENING  |  EXEVERYTHING by AI (Atelier Impopulaire) — Is an ephemeral mnemosyne of original and archival images, initiated in 2010 on tumblr and re-elaborate through an iconographic deconstruction and a formal reconstruction for its printed version first presented at _\|/_ 2014. Moving from the idea of ‘cut’ as an inclusive separation, it offers a new structure for the editorial project SPLIT, trying to visually emphasize the possible ambivalence of physical and virtual policies connected to image’s identity — atelierimpopulaire.tumblr.com  |  from 28.11.14 at 1pm to 30.11.14 at 12am ↝ Spazio Ostrakon  |  Site-specific installation for _\|/_ digital projection on curtain and mirror / 24 images x 24 hours



WORKSHOP/PERFORMANCE  |  PALESTRA ESPRESSIVA by Barokthegreat — Workshop extract from physical training program interpretation, dedicated to the expressive movement, edited by Barokthegreat. 'With Palestra we think of a place to train the body to perceive forms of movement', specify Sonia Brunelli and Leila Gharib, the two creators of the project. 'With Espressiva we seek an identity in our interpretation of the gesture. With our group Barokthegreat we share a musical and choreographic research in contemporary performing arts. Coordination and combinatorics, rhythmic progressions, expansions of the gesture, time measurement, perceptual orientation, composition of motions, dance troupe, solo performances, logic and repetition, creating a difference and change, adherence to sound, live music will be the 'Phases training to cross' in the path and 'open to young creatives, athletes, dancers of all kinds, performers who wish to test new concepts of body and movement, increase their physical ability and interpretative, start a search for expression.' P/E is also a series of publications aimed at documenting, in a non-narrative way, the courses that are taking place in 2012, in three phases, until 2015 — barokthegreat.tumblr.com   |  28/29.11.14 ↝ Zona K



WORKSHOP  |  RISOGRRRAPH by Julien Fischer/RATS ⟨CH⟩ — Risograph is an eco-friendly printing system that approaches the color response of screen printing to the simplicity of playing the photocopier. Julien Fischer, member of the Swiss collective RATS, will examine the history and the less known aspects of the method Risograph starting with the analysis of some of the projects of the publishing series TSAR. People working collaboratively during the workshop will produce a series of posters that will be the result of the exchange and experimentation between the participants. The workshop will be assisted by Elena Radice, artist, with the coordination of ATTO, a design and communication studio dedicated to printing on Risograph ad hoc projects — ratscollectif.ch   |  29/30.11.14 ↝ ATTO



PARTY  |  S/V/N/ + _\|/_ — Russell Haswell is an English multidisciplinary artist, avant-garde electronic producer, performer, and curator whose research attains the extremities of visual and sonic arts. Haswell has a background that crosses through many music genres - from computer music to black metal, to noise and techno. His recorded works have been published by a wide number of esteemed imprints including Warp, Downwards, Editions Mego. Improvisation and interaction with the public are essential elements of his show, allowing the possibility to admire a unique, unpredictable, and anti-conventional style. Following Haswell’s performance, _\|/_ will curate the screening and performance Nello Stato Multistrato del Pulsante by Dafne Boggeri, a video collage created in real time, which experiments with the random combination of fullness and emptiness, the complex intensity of the relationship between various images selected from the artist’s archives. To conclude, a dj set by Tzaziky & Crack IT - FR / TOMBOYS DON'T CRY. With influences ideally coming from a martian ballroom score, mixing electronic, screw, and mutant combinations the duo creates an unexpected enclave for movement. Special guest artist Margarida Magalhães PORT, aka Raw Forest, is an assiduous collaborator for Waterfalls, an evening event in Lisbon. Her sparsely-occuring dj sets present downtempo, chill out, and balearic ghost sounds  |  29.11.14  8pm—2am ↝ Erreci Studio



POSTER/CATALOGUE  |  LAST NIGHT I SAW  BLUE IN A DEEP LOST MYSTICAL DREAM by Margarida Magalhães, digital collage, poster 56x84 cm, paper gr.250, edition of 600, free to the public — Magalhães is an Internet traveller. She navigates through different lands, from Google islands to Primitive Forests. She appeared on www land with the name of Raw Forest. Interested in paradox and confluence of diversities that give rise to a flux of creation, she searches into natives, mysterious forests: a place where under a tropical sky people are dancing until dawn, at the sound of bizarre waves, absorbing touch of matter and finding ethereal universes— rawforest.tumblr.com lostpalmtree.tumblr.com — botanicalgardensforsale.com  |  29/30.11.14  1pm—8pm ↝ O'


Agalma via Confalonieri 36

ATTO via Galla Placidia 12

Autofficina via Pastrengo 4

Erreci Studio via S.Eusebio 26

Galleria Ostrakon via Pastrengo 15

Micamera via Medardo Rosso 19

O' via Pastrengo 12

Studio Matias Guerra via Pastrengo 13

Tavola Calda Vivà by Cheos via Borsieri 5

Teatro Verdi via Pastrengo 16

ZONA K via Spalato 11




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Tavola Calda Vivà by Cheos

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