27-28 NOV 2021  |  9° edition  |  Spazio Maiocchi

Deadline 24.09.21

SPRINT welcomes small and d.i.y. projects, conceptual printing formulas but also structured publishers. Every language is included, photography, drawing, comix, poetry, texts of criticism/analysis/research, graphics and typography.

If you are an artist, a collective, an independent publisher and you want to participate in the next edition of SPRINT Art Book Fair 2021 - which will be held in Milan on 27 and 28 November - write to us before September 24th - using as subject [SPRINT21 your name] - including:


— Name by which you identify your editorial project/house

— Reference city

— Main printing techniques used

— Possible collaborations to highlight

— The type of circulation and distribution of your projects

— Tell us anything you think is relevant to learning more about the editorial content you produce and how

— Any mentors 'n' dreams

— url, ig, fb profile, if there are


All of these details will help us to select the reality which will be part of the rhythm of the next 9° edition, We advise you to write as soon as possible, a pre-selection takes place as soon as we have received the proposal.

Consider that in each edition we try to compose a polyphonic choir of voices through our selection.

Since 2013, SPRINT tables are cost free for all selected exhibitors as a sign of tangible support to the local and international publishing community and to ensure an inclusive and diversified visibility of the projects regardless of the material departure that sustains them.

• At the selected realities we will ask to focus on this specific moment by dedicating us an exclusive presence, compared to other 'similar' events, which could take place in Italy from 26 to 28 NOV 2021 [no ubiquity please] and throughout the month of November 2021 in Milan and region. This request is to ensure a specific sentimental dimension, in 2 / 3D, in URL / IRL and because we believe that ubiquity is a great resource but we focus on those realities and on that audience that wants to be connected - here and now - to the moment.

The edition will take place following the rules for a healthy and correct coexistence.