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If you want to attend a table for your publishing project at the SPRINT MILANO ART BOOK FAIR 2023 [25–26 November at Spazio Maiocchi] please read the text below and fill out the submission form at the end.


SMABF is a non profit event that since 2013 welcomes individual artists with their self-published zines, informal collective or more structured publishing houses promoting a broad and open view at languages [drawing, graphic, typography, photography, writing] and formats [zines, magazines, books].


The salon is dedicated to original material and is not open to bookstore or distribution systems except in specific cases by direct invitation.


The deadline for applications is 1st August.


We will let you know if your application has been accepted with an email by September 15.



– The table are free of charge as public access and open call.


– The fair venue will be open for publishers in the following times:

Set up: Saturday from 10:00 to 11:00 am.

Pack up: Sunday from 9:00 to 10:00 pm.


– The fair venue will be open for the public from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.


– Tables are provided with a small sign with the name of your publishing project.


– The fair space will be securely locked up for the Saturday night, you can leave your material directly on your table.


– You will be provided with a password for a wi-fi network.

– The fair is located In a neighborhood convenient to reach by public transportation, that offers easy places for food and drink.





– To enhance a here and now experience, we ask selected entities not to participate in other related events throughout November in the Lombardy region and on SPRINT days [24 NOV opening exhibition + 25–26 NOV Art Book Fair] in other related events in Italy.


– Exhibiting publishers are expected to be at the venue on Saturday 25 November from 10am to 11am to set up their table, and to attend it during the whole timetable of the fair [11am-9pm] except reasonable breaks.


– If you need to pack up and leave on Sunday 26 before the stated closing time of the fair [9pm] it is important that you let us know below.


– The standard size of the table is about 100 x 80 cm, with a chair and behind them is possible only the presence of one person [rotating shifts with multiple referrers can be arranged].

There can be larger tables but it is at SPRINT's discretion to decide how to handle them. 


– Since this is an event focused mainly on the paper format, we ask that you bring only one model of tote bag, t-shirt and/or sweatshirt [in as many colors and sizes as you want].


– Publishers are asked to contribute three items from their table, free of charge, to SPRINT [at our discretion: for SPRINT archive, or as volunteers donation, or to support the fundraising]. Total sales of all items will not be above 100€. Items with a sale price of 5€ or less will count as half an item. A member of SPRINT team will come by your table on the Saturday to select and collect the items.

Remember that this is a community and inclusive environment, which we expect to be respected by all.




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