This certainly is not a carefully crafted collection of rules, guidelines, and methods intended to shore up graphic design as a relevant discipline. It is inevitably more of a digressive, discursive ramble, an occasionally high-speed pitch across any number of subjects and settings, though never possibly enough. Anyone else, by definition, would do this differently. It’s limited, as much by my imagination and by my experience as by the practical constraints of a book. But in its form is also its argument. So let me be explicit: When you’ve finished A *New* Program for Graphic Design, rip it up, throw it away, and get busy assembling your own.

Now, let’s get started.

David Reinfurt is 1/2 of Dexter Sinister [with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey], 1/4 of The Serving Library [with Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, and Vincenzo Latronico] and 1/1 of O-R-G inc. 

Dexter Sinister started as a small workshop on the lower east side of Manhattan and has since branched pragmatically into projects with and for contemporary art institutions. The Serving Library publishes an annual journal, maintains a physical collection, and circulates PDF texts through its website. O-R-G is a small software company. David currently teaches at Princeton University and his work is included in the permanent collections of Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Walker Art Center, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He was the 2016-2017 Mark Hampton Design Fellow at the American Academy in Rome

David will meet the public during a talk on his last publication A *New* Program for Graphic Design and the links behind it. The book synthesizes the pragmatic and experimental aspects of pedagogical approaches, from modernism to the end of the 20th century, to transmit the advanced principles of contemporary design - Typography, Gestalt, Interface - to non-specialist audiences. The contents of the book took shape during a lecture-performance [hosted at the IN-FO.CO studio, LA, 2018], in which the author artfully compressed his teaching experience at Princeton University into 3 days of 6 lessons per day of 45 minutes each. The volume, published by Inventory Press LA and Distributed Art Publisher NY, will also be present in the context of the SPRINT Art Book Fair  [23—24 NOV, Spazio Maiocchi - Artifact]

OPENING 22 NOV  |  6—10pm  |  Talk 7pm  •  limited places, until full capacity

•  23—24 NOV  |  11am—6pm  |  O’ non-profit association  |  MAP


[DISPLAY] Artifact & SPRINT present




A meticulous research that brings out an emotional anthropology of typography, in which references and codes are elaborated to return to a new emerging, contaminated and liquid landscape in a site-specific installation x Artifact.


‘Typography has always been essential to graphic design. Designers do not only focus on making reading as enjoyable as possible, but also intend to create moods, reflect values and aesthetic impressions with their work. Typefaces hold the power to communicate more than just the words and sentences they spell. So far, most high-quality and approved typefaces are mainly issued by Type Foundries. In recent years, especially on social media platforms, the genre of independent typeface design by individual non-professionals has emerged. My bachelor’s thesis deals with the curation of typefaces by influential and up-and-coming designers who focus on the aesthetics and emotionally influential power their typefaces hold. NEW AESTHETIC showcases modern typeface design in all its facets; the design is bold, innovative and, most importantly, detached from the conventions of traditional Type Foundries.’ leonhardlaupichler.com

 a question of feelings 

All Contributors — Kazuhiro Aihara, Lukas Altmann, Mathilde André, Moritz Appich, Massimiliano Audretsch, Sara Bastai, Sascha Bente, Paul Bergès, Baptiste Bernazeau, Fabio Biesel, Stefano Bona, Sophia Brinkgerd, Benoît Canaud, Tomas Clarkson, Michael Clasen, Brando Corradini, Laura Csocsan, Lucas Desscroix, Moby Digg, Colin Doerffler, Marie Ducrocq, Jules Durand, Sylvain Esposito, Hans Findling, Virgile Flores, Fabio Florez, Fabian Fohrer, Basile Fournier, Léa Fournier, Valentin Garcia, Victor Gérard, Raoul Gottschling, Gunnar Harrison, Laura Hilbert, Tobias Holzmann, Tobias Hönow, Christian Horrer, Jose Houdini, Bruno Jacoby, Erkin Karamemet, Nizar Kazan, Samara Keller, Peter Korsman, Calvin Kwok, Raphaël de La Morinerie, Leonhard Laupichler, Pauline Le Pape, Tien-Min Liao, Thomas Maier, Fabian Maier-Bode, Lena Manger, Emma Marichal, Luca Marsano, Frida Medrano, Adrien Midzic, Yoon Mingoo, Kevin Moll, Mario Naegele, Malin Neamtzu, Sepus Noordmans, Andree Paat, Nolan Paparelli, Luca Pellegrini, Loris Pernoux, Lisa Petersen, Laurent Peteuil, Daria Petrova, Maciej Połczyński, Tatjana Pöschke, Martin Pšyný, Robert Radziejewski, Isabella Ramos Menzel, Kirill Ratman, Rafael Ribas, Javier Rodriguez, Charlotte Rohde, Armin Roth, Erik Sachse, Janik Sandbothe, Johannes Schauderna, Elena Schneider, Bilal Sebei, Tommi Sharp, Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, Aimur Takk, Kia Tasbihgou, Teo Tuominen, Kai Udema, Alex Valentina, Matthieu Visentin, Emilie Vizcano, Stefanie Vogl, Lena Karoline Weber, Tor Weibull, Franziska Weitgruber, Nikolas Wrobel, Heejae Yang, Mingoo Yoon, Isia Yurovsky, Timur Zima, Viktor Zumegen.


1—9pm  Artifact c/o Spazio Maiocchi   |  MAP




exhibition & book launch curated by KALEIDOSCOPE

1—9pm  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP




Alessandro Di Pietro, Tania Grace Knuckey Genève, Viola Leddi, Petra Rocca, Matteo Rubbi, Giovanni Zanda

Through BLADE—BANNER artists are invited to produce an image all-over inkjet printed in a 100 x 100 cm silk fabric module, as a pixel cut from their world. Participation is addressed to Italian artists or artists based in Italy, as a sign of support to the local community. This series of works is a collection, which includes thirty-nine contributions, produced by _\|/_ and showed during the salon, fed every year by new collaborations, with the idea of building a nomadic exhibition that may involve, in the future, more or less institutional sites. The banners exist in two copies, one donated to the author while the other is kept in the collection.

The artists involved this year are:

— Alessandro Di Pietro, FIÜFIÜT!VIÜT!  2019  |  Alessandro Di Pietro 1987, lives and works in Milano. In 2017 he participated as Italian Fellow at the American Academy in Rome residency program. Among the main solo shows: Sonnenstube, Lugano 2019 Marsèlleria, Milano 2018, La Plage, Paris 2017, CAB Centre d’Art Bastille Grenoble, double solo with Jacopo Miliani, 2015. He has also participated in group exhibitions in many galleries and museums, among which we mention: Villa Medici, Rome 2019, MAMBO, Bologna 2018 and 2015, American Academy in Rome 2018, Fondazione Baruchello, Rome and Marsèlleria, New York 2017, Quadriennale, Rome 2016

— Tania Grace Knuckey, Hey Good-Looking 2019  |  Tania Grace Knuckey 1987, is a textile designer and mixed-media artist living and working in Geneva. She graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 and from The Royal College of Art London in 2012 with an MA in Mixed Media Textiles. Her artistic practice is playful with an unapologetic bold use of colour, which is always the result of a steady research. She seeks to surprise and to unsettle the norm, always questioning conventional notions of form and function. She is currently at the Istituto Svizzero in Milano for a six month residency.

— Viola Leddi, Interno Tigrato 2019  |  Viola Leddi 1993, lives and works between Milano and Geneva, where she’s now attending the Work.Master program at HEAD. She previously studied at Brera Fine Arts Academy Milano and Schools of Visual Arts at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Her work has been exhibited at TILE Project Space Milano and ADA Project Roma. In 2017 she co-founded Altalena altalena.cc, a research project that is active in the organization of residencies and the publication of artist books.

— Petra Rocca, Istruzioni di forza 2019  |  Petra rocca 1993, graduated in Visual Arts at Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milano. In her research, she explores proximity and relationship, constantly referring to the body, which is not always present. Using video, text, audio e performance experimentation, she is interested in the complexity of intimacy and its consequences. Discontinuous and paradoxical narration hangs in the balance between reality and imagination, autobiographical fact and subjective experience.

— Matteo Rubbi, Light Years Night Tears 2019  |  Matteo Rubbi 1980, graduated at Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milano and he is co-founder of Cherimus Association, focused on the development of the social and cultural heritage of Sulcis Iglesiente south-west Sardinia. Ongoing projects include Gegò Yegó, a music project in collaboration with the Kër Thiossane Association of Dakar and I giardini possibili, an urban regeneration project. In December 2019 Matteo Rubbi will be in a residency program at LAP, Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, USA, and in the spring of 2020 at the Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France.

— Giovanni Zanda, A card game, a title of a children’s book, a government discourse 2019  |  Giovanni Zanda Cagliari, 1992 lives in Milano, where he studies Visual Arts at Brera Fine Arts Academy. Currently his practice focuses on the topic of sadness as a wide-spread feeling within the late capitalist society and on the constant pursuit of happiness. His works have been shown in group exhibitions such as SAVAGE, at Otto Zoo gallery in Milano, and Divani&Divani, in the context of Walk-in Studio 2019, Milano

23—24 NOV  |  1—9pm  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP



DÓRA MAURER — Aranyok / Proportionen / Proportions

10min, b/n  |  1979  |  courtesy INDEX Edition/sixpackfilm

In Proportions Maurer, lying on a long clean strip of paper, uses her own body height as a benchmark, then splits this distance into halves, then quarters. After further labeling the quarters she creates a musical staff based on her own physical proportions and fills in the staff by using her own body as the notes. The essence of ballet and ballet experience is repetition. It is the presented fragment of a process, or the recording and use thereof with simple and minimalistic devices, gestures and crystallized from their context by the means of repetition, thus receiving a specific meaning. Therefore, repetition that provides processes with a rhythm and character appears as choreography and creates sensitivity in the spectator, which makes one perceive fertile tension and beauty springing from the differentiation between elements of repetition and from repetition itself. [István Antal – courtesy INDEX Edition/sixpackfilm]

Dora Maurer (born 1937 in Budapest) is a Hungarian artist whose work has spanned a 50-year career. She works in almost every medium, from film and photography to painting, performance and sculpture . Principally achieving recognition in the 1970s with avant-garde work, Maurer has developed her art career from works with contemporary and modern influences that have been shown worldwide. All of her art is based on mathematical and complex system processes. Most of Maurer's work follows the theme of showing options to the viewer and what the viewer can do with those options. Many of her works break down simple actions so the viewer can really view the piece as movement, not a photograph of movement

1—9pm •  on a loop at 1 hour intervals  |  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP


[TALK ]  •  limited places, until full capacity

[TALK ]  SATURDAY 23 NOV  |  2—3pm  |  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP


We will dive into the new fourth issue of Ossì - 'Nascondino' - which contains a porn story written for the first time by four hands of two lovers, Francesco Pacifico and Francesca Mancini, accompanied by the photos of Michele Baron and a sex playlist by Venerus.

Ossì, (like Oh yes!) Is a well-made and self-produced porn journal. In each issue, a story stunted by worlds that we hope really exist and the sexy photos taken by someone you would like to know. Plus, a proper sex playlist. Ossì is the erotic fanzine that is good for our culture and our society. What it takes to accept sexuality as something magnificent, which excites with intelligence and rewards beauty in its broadest sense. Ossì, in fact, is beautiful. Ossì is an idea by Alice Scornajenghi, the graphic project is curated by Francesca Pignataro, editing on texts is by Marzia Grillo  |  @ossi_fanzine


[TALK ]  SATURDAY 23 NOV  |  4—5pm  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP

Davide Tidoni Pertica Alta  Sound Pieces and Publications

The talk will introduce Davide’s publications and research on sound, include: Ultras Mashup, an audio work in which football chants’ recordings are mixed with the “original” songs they are based on; Ultras Karaoke, the karaoke version of a series of football supporters’ chants interpreted by non-professional singers; The Sound of Normalisation, an ethnography project on the sound culture of the ultras group BRESCIA 1911; Touch of the Pops, a book + audio recordings documenting an eight years long research on balloon pops and the acoustic response they activate; Exaggerated Footsteps, a pair of metal plates to fix underneath your shoes and use as acoustic trigger. All the projects have been published in the last two years. What they all have in common is the attempt to translate sonic and conceptual aspects into coherent and substantial visual/printed forms  |  davidetidoni.name

[TALK ]  SATURDAY 23 NOV  |  6—7pm  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP

Johanna Maierski  |  COLORAMA Berlin

‘How should i know that this is an advice to be followed and not a warning’.

‘ – When you tell her that you found this book for her, she replies that she has to wind herself up to that level again – and then she disappears for two months.’

A talk about: making books is like building a mould for someone to pour their train of thought into - but sometimes you pour back. Johanna Maierski will give a talk about the urgency of being a selfmade duck and collaboration [in general, and in specific in the comic-residency Clubhouse] - how production informs the content of all Colorama titles and what this has to do with a book about constructing houses.

Colorama is a publishing house and risoprinting studio based in Berlin and run by Johanna Maierski since 2015. Colorama is dedicated to collaboration, observation, and production. The publications feature the works of current comic-artists exploring the means of assembling and storytelling  | @coloramaprint@coloramaclubhouse

[TALK ]  SUNDAY 24 NOV  |   2—3pm  |  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP


VISITORS is the third volume of the series K-POCKET GUIDE published by KABUL magazine. The book is focused on the 'othering' as a discursive process by which dominant groups identify and define subordinate groups as inferior and threatening. Inside the book, Gaia Giuliani, Boris Groys, Thomas Nail, Oleksiy Radynski, Saskia Sassen and Daniel Trilling outline an alternative imaginary against the patriarchal and normative society of contemporary times, in order to promote an inclusive culture and to fight against each discrimination focused on sex, gender, culture and religion. K-POCKET GUIDE is an editorial series with brief books of interviews focused on a particular issue from the contemporary debate about arts and cultures. The books are thought as brief handbooks with texts, interviews and glossaries  |  kabulmagazine.com

[TALK ]  SUNDAY 24 NOV  |  4—5pm  |  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP

Collletttivo MI  |  On Sharing Typography

Collletttivo is an expanding group of designers working on type-based projects and occasionally releasing Open Source typefaces through their website. Goal of the collective is to create a network of people that challenge themselves to improve through practice and mutual exchange in the very competitive fields of graphics and type design  | DOWNLOAD - Apfel Grotezk Brukt, the low-carbon-footprint version of Apfel Grotezk, designed by Luigi Gorlero, which allows to save your printer up to 18% of ink - HERE  |  collletttivo.it

[TALK ]  SATURDAY 23 NOV  |  6—7pm  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP

Kristian B. Johansson | KLD Repro Copenaghen 

A subjective framing of printing-culture in Myanmar

While walking through 31st and 32nd street in Yangon, Myanmar, you quickly notice the sounds of offset-printers and paper-cutting machines working through piles of paper transported through the streets on small wagons. After spending some months on these dense streets you will get some awareness of the printing culture in the once closed country. A culture where originality and perfection seem to be irrelevant and where bootlegging and crooked printing has a huge presence. These components might be seen as primitive and wrong but maybe we should consider these subjects again? The talk will focus on examples of bootlegging and the experience of talking and working with some of the people in these streets of Yangon.

Functioning as publication-platform and copy-shop locale, KLD Repro represents a curiosity towards printed matter and the modalities of production. Founded in Copenhagen in 2014 by artists Kristian B. Johansson and Wilfred Wagner, KLD Repro has since been producing and publishing a variety of artists books, magazines, tapes, essays and prose. As printers, artists and in a collaborative capacity, our aim is to question the post-digital age of print-on-demand, and investigate the demands-of-print in and of itself, as something fundamental to any community subculture  |  @kld_repro




LA SCALA  |  Ginevra Dolcemare x Fuzao Studio

— The performance unfolds through a series of actions that resonate like snaps in the articulation of the imaginative impulse. Here two places of Milano - the street and the Teatro alla Scala - come together, bringing into play an optical filter that blurs the contrasts. The scenic space stands on the heaviness of the concrete and the ephemerality of the carnival. The action captures a circular narration rather than a linear one. The intertwining of mysterious objects activates projections, where the promises live. 

Ginevra Dolcemare was born in Milano; graduated in Sculpture at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she began the MA in Theater and Performing Arts at IUAV, Venice 2019. In her formative path she meets among others, Gianni Caravaggio, Claudia Castellucci, Darren O’Donnell, and Alice Rohrwacher. Since every movement is a matter of morality, her research looks at the displacement of the center of gravity, between the extremes of contact and distance  | @ginevradolcemare  |  @fuzaostudio

23—24 NOV  |  1—6pm •  1 hour intervals on rotation  |   Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP


— The publication of the 2019 edition of NOBODYS deals with the themes of desire, self-definition, the relationship between body and space, chaos and the unconscious: these are the core themes of Nobodys - a research platform open to artists, theorists, curators and local and international organizers, aimed at sharing practices in the performing arts. There will be moments of collective action in dialogue with the practices of sharing, of spontaneous and horizontal exercise.


Stella Succi is an art historian, editor and photo editor. She has written about contemporary art and culture for Alfabeta2, Mousse Magazine, Prismo, The Towner, Panorama Milano, the Pocketbook. She is part of ALTALENA and participates in Nobody's Indiscipline |  nobodysbusiness.wp

23—24 NOV  |  1—6pm •  1 hour intervals on rotation  |   Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP

EVERY ME  |  Costanza Candeloro x ALTALENA

Book launch & reading - the spirit of the dogs is magnetic - a novelette by Costanza Candeloro x ALTALENA.

The story is set in a city with recognizably Bolognese features, and follows the actions of a series of dogs which differ in social background, size, age and lifestyle. Through some of their specific expressions, including barking or leaving smelling traces around the city, they create a network of communication, of transmission of information. The contents of these 'information traffics' aim to find a point of connection between the different social universes they belong to; they build a parallel system in which these realities cooperate: a purebred poodle can get in touch with a half-breed homeless dog creating a correspondence between the apparentely incompatible worlds of their respective owners. The background to these events are the parks of the residential areas of the city, where dogs are kept on a leash, as well as the social centers where they are left completely unattended during the holidays.


Is there any point

in learning to read when you can smell meat

from far away? 

Costanza Candeloro 1990, graduated in Fine Arts at Geneva School of Art and Design [HEAD]. She works as a writer and visual artist between Italy and Switzerland.

She is the co- founder, with Mattia Capelletti, of Idioletta, a research project interested in the disclosure of borderline literature and poetry outside its institution  |  idioletta.it

Altalena is a nomadic entity dedicated to foster art practices at a slow pace  |  altalena.cc

23—24 NOV  |  1—6pm •  1 hour intervals on rotation  |  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP






6 x 3 blueback manifesto

by David Reinfurt NY

1/2 of Dexter Sinister, 1/4 of The Serving Library, and 1/1 of O-R-G inc. 

23—24 NOV  |  1—9pm  |  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP






A CHE    PUNTO SIAMO          DELLA NOTTE       ?



curated by elAMOR + TOMBOYS DON’T CRY



elAMOR [Ft. Lara Brown + Da Rocha + Guillem Jiménez, 

Anna Skorpen, Mar Aguiló ~ performance] + Da Rocha ~ Dj set


Alieni ~ Ashasha ~ Petra ~ Tzaziky & Crack ~ :,) Dj set 

[Ft. Sonia Brunelli/Barokthegreat ~ dancer]

23 NOV  |  11pm—05am  |  Time Club  |  MAP  |  5€

FARA FARA by LAFAWNDAH + CÕVCO  |  @lafawndah  |  @covco

is the new club-storming collaboration between LAFAWNDAH and CÕVCO. United by a shared desire to return the dance to its natural state of freedom, FARA FARA can be seen and heard unapologetically expanding the maps of club, dance and trance musics across the globe. Theirs is a loud Kemistry, conjuring Quiet Storms. The visceral, theatrical character that marks both the artists’ solo work is channeled into b2b Dj sets that are part Three Non Blondes anarchy and part peak Metalheadz science. Theirs is a free approach to time and tempo, daring each other to take it faster and deeper. Cõvco’s RnB-concrète live sampling  sculpts the lava flow of Lafawndah’s trickster bodymusic provocations. Meditation and aggression blur in a concussion of subs and polyrhythm, and the pair retain the right to pull the rug at all times. FARA FARA gives new flesh and teeth to the luminous, utopian spirit of hardcore that has haunted club music for the last two decades. Ancient, modern, sensual and furious, the duos sets have quickly become infamous for their unpredictable but precise crowd manipulation and joyous track selection. Kampala; Cairo; Soukous & Coupé décalé: South London Burroughs; Detroit: like all legendary sound systems.

LARA BROWN  |  vimeo.com/larabrown

Lara Ortiz Burgos, 1986 is part of The Optional Company since 2011, with which she has developed different works of scenic creation. For the last couple of years, she has carried out the Lara Brown project, in which, accompanied from different artists from all areas, she works based on her biography, identity, body and its transformation, using the stage as an artistic support and thought generator. Currently part of the collective SUGA, together with the artist SEPA. Lara has conceptualized the situation that elAMOR will develop at “A che punto siamo de la notte”. As a metaphor of how relationships stand in a night club, emotions and affections, crossings and separations will be made evident in a performative way. Lara herself and dancers Mar Aguiló Madrid, Anna Skorten Stockholm and Guillem Jiménez Barcelona will therefore unfold a series of connections during the SPRINT party, that sometimes will evolve under the music of Dj Da_Rocha Barcelona

DA ROCHA  |  soundcloud.com/da_rocha

Vigo, 1994 is a multidisciplinary artist. After his beginnings in Hardcore-Punk and Post-Hardcore music, he began his career as a Dj and producer of electronic music, combining it with his visual arts exercises in Galicia, Portugal, France and Barcelona [in the latter city together with La Cera 13 collective]. In his own musical production he experiments with Ambient and Spoken Word, taking him to an area of ritual and trance character. Currently his sets of heterogeneous character move in around contemporary club music, deconstructing and combining the most tribal Bass, the Gqom, Whipped, Dembow or traditional Middle Eastern rhythms; all this always with an industrial dye.

GUILLEM JIMÉNEZ @guillemjimenezz

Barcelona, 1996 is a contemporary dancer. He has been studying choreography for three years at the Barcelona Superior Conservatory of Dance of the Institut del Teatre. During these years he has worked in festivals both as a choreographer and performer, at the IF Barcelona, ​​Exploding Fest, Sismògraf and 'Festival Grec, Now you are creating a new group piece'. This year he is part of the prestigious Kor'Sia dance company.

ANNA SKORPEN @anna_skorpen_dancer

Norway, 1996 she has recently studied at the University of Dance and Cirkus, in Stockholm. She also has a BA in Dance Performance, 2016—2019. Her moves are characterized by its tendency towards improvisation, a technique that she has accomplished both at the Spin Off Forstudium i Dans, Oslo but also at the Fagerborg Videregående Skole, in the same city. More recently she is investigating aspects of dancing that challenge her balance while integrating dynamics of contemporary dance.

MAR AGUILÓ @maraguilo

Mallorca, 1987 is a dancer with classic formation that has evolved into practicing a contemporary repertoire while also creating her own choreographies. At the moments she is dancer at the Spanish National Ballet.  During her career she has worked with some of the most important contemporary choreographers like Mats Ek, Nacho Duato, Johan Inger, Marcos Morau, Iván Pérez, Alexander Ekman, Angels Margarit, Tony Fabre, Gentian Doda y Ohad Naharin. 

elAMOR   @elAMORproyectos 

is a company that promotes different artistic and cultural initiatives. It’s desire is to materialize ideas that question and explore the performative arts, integrating culture and society. Participating in the dialogue of contemporary issues, energizing spaces for interaction, and also trying to open a debate on the private patronage in the contemporary cultural industry is part of our mission. In our productions we try to generate shifts of perception and original means of understanding time and language, while creating emotional and bodily intensities that demonstrate the imperceptible of the vital and creative experience.


+ TZAZIKY & CRACK ~ Dj set  |  @tomboysdontcry 

+ Ft. SONIA BRUNELLI/BAROKTHEGREAT ~ dancer  |  @barokthegreat 

TBD’C is a Milan-based queer artistic platform of girls of any gender and non-binary creatures, who have been promoting post-identity adventures since 2011, fostering a culture of visual, sonic, performative research and experimentation connected to the LGBTQAIXYZ community. For this occasion Sonia Brunelli, dancer-choreographer of Barokthegreat duo, will be grafted into the musical flow with movement incursions that relate to the hypnotic and magnetic genre of footwork, the style at the base of her current research. Barokthegreat operates within the vast range of the performing arts. Founded in 2008 by Sonia Brunelli and musician Leila Gharib, the duo explores scenic compositions based on a repetitive rhythmics that reveal something both anamorphic and also familiar. Their representations are focused mainly on the dynamics of adherence between the choreographic gesture, the physicality of sound and the architecture of space as an inhabitable device. They investigate the interface of theatres, clubs and site-specific locations. 




geust Eilean Friis-Lund + TBA  |  in collaboration with Archivio Primo Moroni

Risograph is an eco-friendly printing method into which the chromatic attitude of silk printing meets the fast timing of photocopy reproduction and the softness of inkjet prints. It’s an awesome and professional — even if cheap — solution for little editions, due to its range of possibilities going from uniform tones to crazy analog patterns.

SPRINT is proud to host the yearly Risograph printing Workshop, officially opening the path towards the 7° edition, announcing a brand new collaboration involving the Archive Primo Moroni - 'Small but still impressive archive of memories, a relevant fragment of social and politic life between Sixties and Seventies, also glowing with the presence of many materials of the movements in the Eighties, shaped by cultures of the metropolitan ghetto' ⟨P.Moroni⟩ - a center of documentation existing since 1988 as an evolution of Calusca City Lights library, founded in Milano by Primo and moved into C.S.O.A. Cox18 in 1992, where the Archive is currently hosted.

We will develop together a project based on a structure specifically thought to reveal tricks ’n’ tips, to handle the technique both during the first phases of composition and the second ones ruled by printing, digging into materials selected from the Archive Primo Moroni.

THE RISO CLUB 19 will be curated by the Swiss designer Eilean Friis-Lund plus a guest TBA, coordinated by Elena Radice, artist/photographer, and supported in the printing practice by ATTO, a studio of design and communication.

16—17 NOV  |  by application only through Open-Call  |  O' non-profit association  |  MAP


by Cynthia Alfonso Vigo SP

The postercatalog of this edition is realized by Cynthia Alfonso, printed in A2 format, one color, paper 170 gr., ed. of 1000, free


— Push the drawing out of the comfort zone 

Cynthia Alfonso 1988, studied fine arts in Galicia, Spain. Currently, in addition to author and designer, she works at RAPAPAWN [animation studio together with Óscar Raña]. She collaborated in different magazines, such as Real life of Snap Ink, Don’t Panic or Mold magazine. She also participated in anthologies such as Hoodoo Voodoo, Fosfatina; Super Towers by Vincent Fritz; NOW #4, Fantagraphics or ColdCube004, ColdCube Press. Her last solo exhibitions is Behind is late and The one who weeps in Seattle. Today, she is working on her next project with the Fosfatina publishing house entitled Junk House in addition to several exhibitions and video creations  | @zyn_vaites  |  @rapapawn

22—23—24 NOV  |  1—9pm  |  O' non-profit association  |  MAP  |  Spazio Maiocchi  |  MAP

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Alessandro Di Pietro, FIÜFIÜT!VIÜT!  2019

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