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Experiences on Queer & Transfeminist Archive



Archivo de la Memoria Trans  Argentina

Centro di Documentazione Aldo Mieli  Carrara

Compulsive Archive  Milano

Feminist Findings by Liberation in Print Collective edited by Futuress  WW

Queer Reads Library  Hong Kong

Queer.Archive.Work.  Providence, US & beyond


Each of the involved realities in the exhibition has a peculiar approach to the subject of the Archive and how it feeds and evolves depending on the collaborations, contributions and methods of access and interaction with the public between off/on line dimension, to amplify the voices and the social, political, generational messages behind, which often have a present echo in their claims and emergence of the desire for expression, recognition, rights and willingness to act and react supported and in support of a community

- Image  |  Claudia Pia Baudracco, Courtesy Archivo dela Memoria Trans [Argentina]


Spazio Maiocchii  |  FREE ENTRY

26 NOV  |  OPENING  |  3 – 10 pm

27–28 NOV  |  11 am – 9 pm

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Browse, read, and investigate all nineteen titles selected for the TMBSB prize with an exhibition and two special appointments as an extension of SPRINT edition [02 DEC + 10 DEC]. The exhibition initially set up in the courtyard of Spazio Maiocchi with a temporary site-specific structure [26-28 NOV] will later migrate to the project room Artifact [29 NOV-10 DEC] where the set-up will present a selection of the contents of the volumes themselves deformed and visually 'stressed' in an experimental way


Link to the list of the books involved  ⤷  HERE  |  Supported by Istituto Svizzero


Spazio Maiocchi  |  FREE ENTRY

26 NOV  |  OPENING  |  3 – 10 pm

27–28 NOV  |  11 am – 9 pm




In the courtyard of Spazio Maiocchi a 6x3 m Billboard ft. Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici and their  work COMPUTER COMICS 1984-1987, links the usual location of SMABF with the online screening presented on the digital moving image platform Afterimage


– Video Still  |  GMM, 1984

Spazio Maiocchi  |  FREE ENTRY
26 NOV  |  OPENING  |  3 – 10 pm
27–28 NOV  |  11 am – 9 pm



Finding Potential in the Unusual

A collection of independent type design edited by Leonhard Laupichler & Sophia Brinkgerd: Challenging typography as a tool in reading culture and in its functional shape—more so seeing letters in their individual appearance as artworks of their own. There is potential in blurring and obfuscating the lines of legibility and practicality, pushing the boundaries of emotional expressiveness and allowing for unusual approaches, to keep an open attitude towards new forms, styles and systems

Typefaces by – 3,Quatorze, Alex Ortiga, Alexander Raffl, Alexandre Bassi, Alff Rosine, Antoine Brun, Antonio D’Elisiis, Ariel Martín Pérez, Arthur Schwarz, Awista Montagne, Baptiste Bernazeau, Bayonet Services, Bedow Design, Bouk RA, Brando Corradini, Carolina Festa, Charlotte Rohde, Christos Georgatos, Ciarán Brandin, Colin Doerffler, Daan Rietbergen, Daniel Hermes, Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, Daniel Wenzel, Davide Melotti, Dr. Martin Lorenz, Eleonora Šljanda, Elias Hanzer, Emilie Vizcano, Emma Marichal, Eric Lish, Fabian Franz, Fabian Maier-Bode, Fabio Furlani, Fatih Hardal, Felix Sandvoß, Floriane Rousselot, Frédéric Jaman, Gianluca Ciancaglini, Giuseppe Tangaro, Gregory Page, Han Gao, Hugo Jourdan, Ishar Hawkins, István Fazekas, Jack Halten Fahnestock, Jacob Jan Wise, Jake Dalton, János Hunor Vári, Javier Unknos, Jimmy Auger, Jules Durand, Kazuhiro Aihara, Killian Maguet, Laura Csocsán, Leah Maldonado, Lena Karoline Weber, Lennart Van den Bossche, Leonhard Laupichler, Lorenza Liguori, Lucas Hesse, Lukas Haider, Mads-Emil Luplau, Malte Schwenker, Mārcis Lapiņš, Margot Lévêque, Mason Peterson, Massimiliano Audretsch, Mateo Broillet, Mathias Robert, Matteo Bettini, Mickaël Emile, Morgane VanTorre, Nadine Wetzel, Nicolas Terzian, Panama Papers Office, Paola Bombelli, Paul Bergès, Paul Schmidt, Pauline Le Pape, Pauline Sesniac, Péter Polacsek, Peter Roeleveld, Raphaël De La Morinerie, Rémi Volclair, Robert Gutmann, Robert Radziejewski, Robin Guillemin, Samuel Glen Hughes, Sascha Bente, Scott Vander Zee, Sophia Brinkgerd, Sophia Krasomil, Stefan Mader, Stefanie Vogl, TwoPoints.Net, Victor Gérard, Victor Pesotsky, Viktor Zumegen, Virgile Flores, Vivien Hoffmann, Vrints Kolsteren, Zoé Abravanel  |  Book edited by Sorry Press Munich



A Tribute to Franco Grignani

Franco Grignani [1908-1999] realized countless projects as graphic designer, art-director and artist with his vast production and research in the fields of kinetic and optical experimentation, even if it remains a figure yet to be fully discovered. Through his colorful unseen silk prints, we deepen the dense imaginary of Grignani and his stubborn combinations that deceive us of a magnetic perpetual motion, forward backward, in a neverendig ipnotic rhythm.

A non-didactic catalog of the exhibition was created during the SPRINT Risograph Workshop - THE RISO CLUB - curated by Swiss designers Eilean Friis-Lund and Alice Vodoz with the support of Istituto Svizzero. The publication, in limited edition, contains an essay by Caterina Riva, curator, critic and director of MACTE Termoli.


The exhibition is in collaboration with Archivio Storico Franco Grignani  |  With love of Jeanne Michot [1916-2003] & the precious help of Uberto Grignani, Manuela Grignani, Sergio Gobbi [Pijama] – Special thanks to magliaunita

– Image  |  Penguin Books covers close-up, Science Fiction series, 1969


spacciomaglieria  |  FREE ENTRY

26 NOV  |  OPENING  |  3 – 10 pm

27–28 NOV  |  11 am – 9 pm  |  ! CANCELLED !

29 NOV – 02 DEC  |  SPRINT ⟡ EXTENSIONS  11 am – 6 pm  |  ! CANCELLED !

Due to a disagreement with the historical Franco Grignani’s Archive we had to cancel the tribute show to Franco Grignani at spacciomaglieria. Despite this unexpected news, the dialogue between SPRINT and Franco Grignani’s work resonates within the exhibition catalogue that we produced during our Riso Workshop and that you can find at SPRINT Art Book Fair at Spazio Maiocchi.



Schermata 2021-11-07 alle 18.56.56.png
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Schermata 2021-11-07 alle 19.00.07.png


A Feminist Manifest in Dialogues


The examination with the structures of the feminist discourse constitutes the foundation of the manifest which is continuously rewritten by Ariane Koch and Sarina Scheidegger. The multi-lingual performance was shown in different stages and contexts as a performance – spoken by two performers – and as poster edition – exposed in the public space as well as in the exhibition space. In 2018 the work was modified with two artists from Egypt as well as one performer from Switzerland and shown in the theater context. The manifest breaks with its authoritarian shape and appears differently each time to broaden the view of how feminism is discussed today, its different perspectives, experiences and approaches. In what way can and does feminism articulate itself in different cultures? How can we relate to it? Who is speaking? Who is allowed to speak? How are stereotypes and cliches reproduced and negotiated? Where are the intersections in the discourse which differs depending on the national, geographical, historical, cultural or social background we live in – but what is also alike in many ways? Where can we use the feminist perspective to establish general questions of society? How can feminism be a tool to enlarge and renew history [for all of us]?

By Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger  |  Performance in English, Italian, German  |  Performers: Anna Christen Bloom & Marzella Ruegge  |  Poster design: Kambiz Shafei  |  Silkscreen: Pintura Peligrosa

Supported by Istituto Svizzero

Spazio Maiocchi  |  FREE ENTRY

26 NOV  |  5 pm + 8 pm



IMG_4110 L02.jpg
IMG_4110 L02.jpg
Capricornus_constellation_map 02.svg.png



Aimed at celebrating SPRINT and all those who want to make it grow, on Friday, November 26 from 9pm to 10pm there will be a moment of Fundraising combined with immersive listening to piano pieces performed by musician Omar Gabriel Delnevo.

Grown up between Brazil, Italy and England, Omar Gabriel studied classical piano and composition at the Conservatorio G. Verdi in Milan. His approach to music, however, has always been wide-ranging, fluctuating between different genres, with a strong focus on experimentation and the perceptual experience of listening: how does the sound process coagulate, distil and sublimate in the ears of the listener? A listening session is not mere musical discovery, but exploration of oneself and how one reacts to the elements that act outside and inside each one of us.



R. Schumann, Vogel als Prophet 
A. Scriabin, Vers la flamme
O. Messiaen, Le baiser de l’Enfant-Jésus
G. Crumb, Crucifixus [SYMBOL] [Capricorn] – Music of Shadows [for Aeolian Harp] [Libra]

Dream Images [Love-Death Music] [Gemini]



The environment of Spazio Maiocchi will be sculpted by electromagnetic waves, shaped by colloidal dispersions of solid particles and defined by mechanical vibrations.

Spazio Maiocchi


26 NOV  |  9 pm




with an introductory text by Francesco Spampinato [art historian, ed. of GMM book/vinyl releases]

GMM contro Dracula  1984, 11’

Il Colore delle Tenebre  1984, 12’43’’

From November 26th to December 10th, Afterimage, Spazio Maiocchi's digital platform dedicated to moving images, presents some videos by the Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici [GMM], founded by Antonio Glessi and Andrea Zingoni, derived from the infamous 8-bit computer comics, originally published on the countercultural magazine Frigidaire, between 1984 and 1987, and recently 'remastered' for NERO editions. These videos, realized with a primordial graphic tablet with an Apple II by Glessi and characterized by the oneiric dimension of Zingoni's scripts, narrate the surreal incursions of a gang of shady figures walking in a metaphysical Florence of the Tenax years or committed to steal the scene to legendary characters such as Dracula. The music of the videos is produced by Maurizio Dami, aka Alexander Robotnick - also a member of GMM - and will be available at the SMABF21 in the form of a limited edition 45° vinyl and audiocassette for Mannequin Records [Berlin].

– Video Still  |  GMM, 1984


26 NOV – 10 DEC  |  FREE

ONLINE Screening



More than one hundred realities involved on selection, from 16 nations will meet in two days of intense exchange and encounter through d.i.y productions and more structured forms, hybrid formats between paper and other media, to present a dynamic and experimental contemporary publishing scene

– Image  |  SMABF19, Spazio Maiocchi, 2019

Spazio Maiocchi  |  FREE ENTRY

27–28 NOV  |  11 am – 9 pm

Talk  |  27 NOV

Spazio Maiocchi  |  FREE ENTRY UPON SEATS AVAILABILITY  |  it is recommended to arrive 10 min. before the start

Schermata 2021-11-07 alle 17.27.44.png
ZOM21002 Mattia Zoppellato Dirty Dancing Klasse Wrecks Contrasto_LOW.jpg

2 – 3 pm



w/Dottor Pira  [young promise of athletics]

'We all know about the Smurfs, but few people really know anything about them. Most of the things we know about them we have accepted without thinking, and no one has ever taken them seriously. But a few recent news episodes have brought great attention to this small people: the largest global Smurfs reunion in history took place exactly before the outbreak of a global epidemic. The media cover up, confusion reigns. Coincidence, or inconvenient truth? As the greatest living expert on the subject, I will attempt to bring light to this domain about which everyone is in the dark'  Dottor Pira  |  TALK IN ITA

3.30 – 4.30 pm



Eternal Respect to LIZA 'N' ELIAZ

w/Jan Hartungen & Teresa Prati [ed. Nasty&Krusty], in dialogue with Claudia Attimonelli [author]

– Activated by the zine LOOPERA [ed. Nasty&Krusty], an insight into the world of Belgian Dj Liza'n'Eliaz [1958-2001], deepening her social sphere and musicological domain that influenced a series of contemporary movements, from underground hardcore to the new clubbing scene and more, to raise awareness of hard sound and other fundamental themes such as transgender recognition and minorities rights’ fight  |  TALK IN ITA

5 – 6 pm



⟡ CHIME FOR CHANGE ⟡ presents





The memory that walks with us


w/Luca Locati Luciani, Giulia Vallicelli, MP5 & Adam Eli


— How important is it to collect and preserve traces of our community's stories? From the newly born Centro di Documentazione Aldo Mieli [Carrara], started by a magnificent obsession with paper through very rare LGBTQIAXYZ editions, to the Compulsive Archive [Milano] project, which tackles the Italian Riot Grrrl and Queercore fanzines scene of the 90s, we will discuss the desires and frustrations that accompany these adventures which are part of the SPRINT21 exhibition HARD COPY SOFT TOUCH - Experiences on Queer & Transfeminist Archives. Featuring also artist MP5 and activist/writer Adam Eli, voices of the platform Chime Zine  |  TALK IN ENG  |  Image – Clit Rocket, cover, 1999. Courtesy Compulsive Archive

6.30 – 7.30 pm


DIRTY DANCING: The Free Party Scene 1997-2005

The rituality under speaker in the photographs of Mattia Zoppellaro


w/Mattia Zoppellaro [photographer] in dialogue with Claudia Attimonelli [author]

and Lucas Hunter [ed. Klasse Wrecks & DJ]

– The bodies, the scene, the sound: through Mattia Zoppellaro's photographs, which portray the rave scene between the 90s and 2000s, we catapult ourselves into a party that has never stopped pulsating sonic energy and emanating a sense of sacrality.  More than twenty years later, those ecstatic faces in the dance speak to us of a very recent past, which in our days resonates as an unattainable utopia in its momentum of freedom [Dity Dancing book is edited by Klasse Wrecks - Hong Kong - & We Make It - Berlin]  |  TALK IN ITA


Talk  |  28 NOV

Spazio Maiocchi  |  FREE ENTRY UPON SEATS AVAILABILITY  |  it is recommended to arrive 10 min. before the start

Schermata 2021-11-08 alle 09.19.19.png
J.Miliani, La Discoteca, libro ed. ViaIndustriae Publishing, 2021, INTERNO01 copia.jpg

2 – 3 pm



w/Ra Bear [Manchester - UK]

– Publishing the space between the physical and digital worlds. This talk takes a dive into the multifaceted self-publishing practice of Ra Bear [Adam Griffiths], highlighting the interweaving relationships between the physical and digital, print and screen, online and offline, as Griffiths looks at how contemporary publishing has the ability to move the needle and covertly shift between these increasingly ambiguous states  TALK IN ENG

3.30 – 4.30 pm



Collisioni dalla controcultura anni 80 a oggi

w/Ragazzi di Strada

– Why does counterculture follow mainstream power dynamics while making a mockery of them? What is [or was] the relationship between counterculture and movements? Let's build in three voices a huge and lopsided unusable assemblage, an unfinished or unmarried machine because the ingredients are cumbersome. We take pieces of post-punk, 80s cyber aesthetics, misogyny, counterculture, cult of personality, poetry, new media, censorship, archaeology, re-contextualization, fluorescence, artwork, abuse, creation, drugs, spray lacquer... We add to the chaos, which we are not made to tidy up!  |  TALK IN ITA

5 – 6 pm



⟡ CHIME FOR CHANGE ⟡ presents




w/Jordan Anderson, Espérance Hakuzwimana Ripanti, Ariman Scriba, MP5 & Adam Eli


— In a time when we are demanding better representation and the amplification of marginalized voices we have seen writers, activists and artists more and more use their own stories to propel change. The panel will talk about the dichotomy between the positive impacts of telling your story but also the drain that it takes on the story teller. Is it worth it? If so, why? What is it like to tell your story through a filter - say an editor or a publishing house - as opposed to unfiltered like on social media or self publishing? Featuring Jordan Anderson [journalist], Espérance Hakuzwimana Ripanti [writer/activist artist], Ariman Scriba [activist], MP5 [artist] and Adam Eli [writer/activist], both voices of the platform Chime Zine  |  TALK IN ITA

6.30 – 7.30 pm




w/Jacopo Miliani, Sara De Giovanni, Mariuccia Casadio

– Artist Jacopo Miliani, archivist Sara De Giovanni [Centro di documentazione Flavia Madaschi – Cassero, Bologna] and art-consultant Mariuccia Casadio will present tales of the discos that have been there, of those that we imagine in the present and of those that could inhabit our future. imagine in the present and those that could inhabit our future. Rumors, gossip and curiosities around the book La discoteca [ed. Via Industriae Publishing] which, together with a film and a light sculpture, composes a fundamental fragment of the open narrative regarding topics such as the construction of identity, the sphere of sexuality, gender fluidity, and the relationship between personal choices and those imposed by society [project realized with the support of the Italian Council [2020] program for the promotion of Italian contemporary art in the world from Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea del Ministero della Cultura – MiC]  TALK IN ITA



a pageL script for the film that became Alien copy.png


MEMORY: THE ORIGINS OF ALIEN  [2019,  90’, o. v. sub. ITA]


Preview of the documentary by Alexandre O. Philippe on the untold origin story behind Ridley Scott’s Alien [1979] classic sci-fi movie rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythology, underground comics, the art of Francis Bacon and the dark visions of Dan O’Bannon and H.R. Giger, revealing a treasure trove of never-before-seen materials. The screening serves as a link to the book GIGER SORAYAMA [ed. Kaleidoscope] featured within the TMBSB selection.


Supported by Istituto Svizzero


→ 02 DEC  |  Cinema Beltrade  |  8 pm

Free Entry by RSVP   ! SOLD OUT !




The Art of Publishing Books

In company of Dimitri Bruni [NORM, Zurich] and Francesco Spampinato [art historian, ed. of GMM book/vinyl releases], moderated by Stella Succi [researcher]

The concept of ‘limit’ is the starting point to experience the books Norm: Dimension of Two and Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici - COMPUTER COMICS 1984-1987

Computer Comics 1984-1987 from the group Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici, founded by Antonio Glessi e Andrea Zingoni, is a volume edited by Francesco Spampinato and published by NERO. Through the theme of the Anti-hero typical of GMMs, it represents an important part of the history of postmodern culture in Italys, and shows the multimediality of the editorial projects of this period. As probably the first ever 8-bit digital comics originally launched on the pages of the countercultural magazine Frigidaire, today the material returns collected and remastered for the first time, distributed by the platform Primaomai by Ratigher.

The second publication presented is Dimensions of Two, edited by the Swiss graphic studio Norm, formed in 1999 by Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs and joined by Ludovic Varone in 2005. The edition accompanies Norm’s first museum exhibition, It’s Not Complicated, at the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich. Highlighting the studio’s solutions characterized by reduction based on a rich structure of ideas, it presents the studio’s vision of the most fundamental elements and laws of graphic art, both today and in the future.

The talk between the curator Francesco Spampinato and the graphic designer Dimitri Bruni will reflect on the technological implications of the presented projects as well as on the multiple artistic practices involved. They will discuss the concept of 'limit' as a fact or poetic choice, to build visions, also in terms of a challenge to find effective and innovative expressive solutions or extreme ways to communicate, even in terms of the distribution of the book itself, which today as never before is an object & subject in constant mutation.

In the context of Take the Book - third event of ArtScience series on the history and future of the book focuses on innovative artistic publishing promote by Istituto Svizzero – in collaboration with ZHDK Zurich

→ 10 DEC  |  Artifact c/o Spazio Maiocchi  |  6 pm

Free Entry

TMBSB extended
Schermata 2021-11-07 alle 16.13.57.png




Browse, read, and investigate all nineteen titles selected for the TMBSB prize with an exhibition and two special appointments as an extension of SPRINT edition [02 DEC + 10 DEC]. The exhibition initially set up in the courtyard of Spazio Maiocchi with a temporary site-specific structure [26-28 NOV] will later migrate to the project room Artifact [29 NOV-10 DEC] where the set-up will present a selection of the contents of the volumes themselves deformed and visually 'stressed' in an experimental way.


Link to the list of the books involved  |  HERE


Supported by Istituto Svizzero

→ 29 NOV – 10 DEC  |  Artifact  |  11 am – 6 pm

Free Entry


ONLINE Sreening



with an introductory text by Francesco Spampinato [art historian, ed. of GMM book/vinyl releases]

GMM contro Dracula  1984, 11’

Il Colore delle Tenebre  1984, 12’43’’


26 NOV – 10 DEC  |  FREE

SPRINT21 | Warm–Up


13-14 NOV


Risograph Workshop 2021


THE RISO CLUB 21 is curated by Eilean Friis-Lund and Alice Vodoz. They will lead the workshop tutoring and helping during the development of the design, the printing planning and actions. Graphic sources will be elaborated and warped together, starting with material coming from the Archivio Storico Franco Grignani [1908-1999], graphic designer, AD and artist devoted to the kinetic and optical movement. This call is open to artists, photographers, illustrators and visual designers who love archives, who wish to have a first approach or deepen their knowledge of Risograph printing

Coordinated by Elena Radice, artist/photographer, and supported in the printing practice by ATTO, a studio of design and communication


Supported by Istituto Svizzero

Gmund Paper – exclusive Risograph Workshop supplier

→ Selection from Open-Call on Portfolio  |  Deadline 08 NOV  |  Fee-based

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