work by

Alfredo Aceto, Monia Ben Hamouda, Michele Gabriele, Meloe Gennai & Sol Pagliai, Real Madrid, Giuliana Rosso

24 NOV–31 JAN

Through B–B artists are invited to produce an image all-over inkjet printed in a module 1x1 m of silk fabric, as a symbolic pixel cut from their vision.​ Participation is addressed to Italian artists or artists based in Italy, as a sign of support to the local community.

This series of works is a collection in progress, which includes forty five contributions, produced by SPRINT and shown during the salon, fed every year by new collaborations, with the idea of building in the future a nomadic exhibition that may involve, more or less, institutional sites. The banners exist in two copies, one donated to the author while the other is kept in the collection.

This edition each banner is animated and inserted in a photographic background that documents a selection of dioramas from the Civic Museum of Natural History in Milan. These archetypal places of an environment, made with a traditional painting technique and combined with the suspended movement of banners, lead us on a journey of thought.

In collaboration with Istituto Svizzero ⤷ the Program here about The Most Beautiful Swiss Books  |  NOV 2020 - JAN 2021

Fshh Fshh, Alfredo Aceto, 2020

inkjet print on silk, 100 x 100 cm, Ed. of 2

— Alfredo Aceto, a former student of Philippe Decrauzat and Valentin Carron at ECAL [Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne], Aceto has exhibited his work at Museo del 900 in Milan, Kunsthaus Glarus and Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva. In 2020/2021 his work will be presented at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen [San Gallen, CH]; La Totale, Moulin de Sainte Marie [Les Moulins, FR]; L'Ascensore [Palermo, IT]; Parliament Unlimited [Paris, FR]; Bureaucracy Studies [Lausanne, CH]; Last Tango [Zurich, CH]; Laurence & Friends [Geneva, CH]. Alfredo Aceto is currently in residency at Istituto Svizzero in Milano. 


Portrait of my fiancé seen from behind, Monia Ben Hamouda, 2020

inkjet print on silk, 100 x 100 cm, Ed. of 2

Monia Ben Hamouda is an Italian - Middle Eastern visual artist. She earned her BA in Visual Arts from Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and is the winner of the DUCATO Contemporary Art prize 2020 [Special Award]. She was awarded the Filmidee summer residency [2015], the Academy Awards residency at Viafarini in Milan [2016], and selected as youngest- jury member at Film Maker Festival in Milan [2014]. Her work has been showed at: Alios 16° Biennale d’Art Contemporain [La Teste de Bûch, FR]; Et.Al Gallery [San Francisco, CA]; Universitätssammlungen Kunst [Dresden, DE]; Gallery CC, [Malmö, SW]; ADA [Rome, IT]; Galerie Valeria Cetraro [Paris, FR]; Marselleria Permanent Exhibition, [Milan, IT]; Werkschauhalle [Leipzig, DE]; Bocconi Art Gallery [Milan, IT]; Milano Film Festival [Milan, IT].


If it does not kill you it makes you stronger / Too old to be readable but too important to have been thrown away, Michele Gabriele, 2020

inkjet print on silk, 100 x 100 cm, Ed. of 2

— Michele Gabriele explores the distance between the observer and the work of art in the constant search for a balance between representation and materiality with a gaze that could be defined as post-digital hyper-materialism. A selection of his latest solo shows includes exhibitions at: Nevven Gallery [Göteborg, 2020], Edoardo Secci Contemporary [Florence, 2019], Gossamer Fog [London, 2019], Whitenoise Gallery [Rome, 2018], OJ Art Space [Istanbul, 2017), Konstanet at Kunstihoone Art All [Tallinn, 2015] and group shows at: ADGallery [New York, 2020], 16eme Biennale d'Art Contemporain Alios [La Teste de Bûch, 2019], Et.Al Gallery [San Francisco, 2018]. 


I&I, Meloe Gennai & Sol Pagliai, 2020

inkjet print on silk, 100 x 100 cm, Ed. of 2


— Meloe Gennai is a poet, performer and activist. They are dedicated to community building and care; are currently writing and learning about ancestors worship, colorism within the Black community and spaces to be and breathe as a neuroatypical queer Black bodies. They were born in Geneva and currently live in Milano.

Good Night, Real Madrid, 2020

inkjet print on silk, 100 x 100 cm, Ed. of 2


— Real Madrid is an artist duo founded 2015 in Geneva. They use local codes to question coping strategies around diseases and stigmas. An interest in miscommunication led to a name that makes it problematic to spread and track images of their work on any search engine. By re-appropriating the name from the highly lucrative football franchise, RM brands itself as a marketable counterfeit commodity. 

Né amici, né nemici, Giuliana Rosso, 2020

inkjet print on silk, 100 x 100 cm, Ed. of 2

— Giuliana Rosso was born in Turin, where she lives and works. She creates mainly paintings and works on paper but also explores her relationship with the surrounding space through the use of papier-mâché and sculpture. Her work investigates a human condition of constant restlessness, filled with opposing feelings where childhood and adolescence become a metaphor. With her work she wants to highlight the world of less visible sensations and moods.

A selection of her past exhibitions includes: He Heard With His Dead Ear Almanac Inn, [Turin, IT, 2019]; Soltanto ora, perdute, mi diventano vere, Treti Galaxie hosted by VEDA [Florence, IT, 2019]; Capriccio 2000, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo [Turin, IT, 2019]; Expdanded Painting, Galleria Massimo Minini [Brescia, IT, 2019]; If it is untouchables it is not beautiful Monitor [Rome, IT, 2019]; Dripping in crocodile tears Like a Little Disaster [Polignano a Mare, IT, 2019]; Capriccio 2000, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo [Turin, IT, 2019].